Job Vacation Days

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Job Vacation Days

Post by Miss Pepsi on Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:38 am

Dear people,

Starting July 18th and ending at the 21st, I will be unable to post at all on Turning Supernatural. This is mainly because those will be my vacation days I will be getting from my job and on those days I will be a while from home. Please keep in mind I might be on vacation for more than 4 days so I might be super active on the days following. On the 18th I will be going to Hersheypark for a whole day and directly after that I might have a little time to post or none at all. The next three days I will be spending fully at Gettysburg Camp Grounds.

Please try your best not to post so much in topics I am watching, these include The Damsel, The Investigation, You big baby, and more.

Thank you
Miss Pepsi
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