Illia of the fire realm

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Illia of the fire realm

Post by KiloSasha on Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:04 pm

Name: Illia de Nia
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Mage: yes fire
Appearance: Slightly taller than average, tanned olive toned skin, a shock of messy cropped black hair. She has dark green eyes, and several freckles on her button nose. She is rather cute, but has a wicked smile.
Background: Illia was born of the greatest weapon smith in the land, Killian, whose skill is renowned, and blades treasured. It was a great honour to own one, a much greater honour to wield it in battle. He was a fair age when his only child was born, and so people believed he would train her to one day, perhaps become an even better smith than him. No one was more disappointed than Killian, for Illia had no interest in the making of swords. No, she wanted to use them, to feel the stinging steel in battle, to hear the clash of two blades colliding. It was her dream since she was a child. He would not let her duties go amiss, of course; he made her learn the art of sword crafting, and despite being naturally talented at it, for great dexterity ran through their blood, her mind was always elsewhere, her thoughts on how the swords will feel in her hands once they have cooled. She thrived in the aggressive competitive nature of the fire realm, typically besting the other kids and even adults. Nothing felt like a challenge to her anymore. The thought of picking a craft and remaining there felt… claustrophobic. Yes, it was great her ancestors had managed to forge a life in this volatile landscape, but to her it just seemed like a place where stubborn people go to die. She wanted more than that, and often dreamed about exploring the world. So, the night before her choosing, she packed her belongings and left.

For years, she travelled. Her lack of focus on where exactly she was going left her wondering, picking up jobs from people as a sell sword or mercenary, even assassin on some instances. As much as she wishes to return to her home, her guilt and shame that she left keeps her on the road.
Special Items: Arguably her father’s best crafted sword.

If she live long,
and in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters.
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Re: Illia of the fire realm

Post by Cthulhu on Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:32 pm


Like what the fuck is real, what the fuck is wrong?

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