Janik Woerfel

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Janik Woerfel

Post by The Lord Regent on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:18 pm

Name: Janik Woerfel
Age: Unknown but only remembers the last twenty two years.
Gender: Male
Race: Undead
Occupation: Sorcerer/traveler

Appearance: Five foot ten, decently muscled, seems about twenty, handsome if a bit rugged looking, blue eyes, messy brown hair
Background: Janik Worefel is an experimental restoration of a completely lost undead via blood magic, the memories of his last life our mostly fragments, only the eighteen years since restoration can he remember. When he first came back he could barely even speak the language his mind was nearly a blank slate, but he was surrounded by patient, and learned undead, masters of many crafts, they were welcoming and friendly almost like a family, and with great effort and almost two decades they have made him into something resembling a capable undead. Now a semi adult in the eyes of his people he made the decision to start traveling and experience the world before he began rotting; things he had only read about and glimpsed in hazy memories like beaches not covered in ice, the sun, jungles, and the warm sands of the south, and where better to start than tracing the hazy memories of lands he had visited in life.
Skills: Battle magic, blood magic, fairly athletic, speaks and writes Chaggerta human and the undead language, drawing, Basic sword and hand to hand training.
Items: In addition to his traveler's clothes which in color are brown and white, his silver deathmask, quills, bottles of ink, journal, dagger and bowl for  minor blood rituals, and rations he also has many enchanted items, Arming sword, an ornate Harpy bone staff topped with an onyx gem.

Talisman of light: A utility item, a pearly white inscribed stone that radiates light on command

Ring of sparks: A silver ring with a short ranged spell, that within five meters releases a blast of stunning electricity

Ring of fire: An orange bronze ring that fires a bolt of fire that will go twenty meters, most often used by its owner to light campfires.

Cloak of DOOM: Despite the name it's actually just a black cloak enchanted to be extra warm and comfy. Its owner is just a bit of a dork.

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Re: Janik Woerfel

Post by Cthulhu on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:20 pm


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