The Beast And Axe general Plotline

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The Beast And Axe general Plotline

Post by Cthulhu on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:15 pm

This plotline should be at least nearing conclusion within the next month and a half by then all this should have happened. (Two months top , we have to keep things moving if we wanna keep interest)

1. Beast begins his quest to piece himself back together , whilst also helping the Order deal with covert Axis threats

2. Axe encounters and shacks up with hunger , but reluctantly parts with him after realizing Hunger is nothing like the Beast he knows.

3. The Beast shacks up in a long term relationship with Sam.

4. Axe begins to gather and call a force to his side to try and destroy the Order and convince Beast to split apart again so he can have Burden back, after being rejected in the midst of their battle , he goes into hiding.

5. Beast begins to be burdened with guilt ,and while out discovering themselves , flay off a piece of their soul and after memory wiping both it and Blaise ,set the couple up far far away with no memory of all the horrors that have befallen them , and only the memory of loving each other .

6. The (orig ) Beast returns home to England, resumes their relationship with Sam , and while making it clear they are not under the authority of the Round Table anymore and that they've broken their brainwashing , will continue to help with the general forces of good , and dispose of their father who seeks to use the Axis as his puppets on Earth.

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Re: The Beast And Axe general Plotline

Post by Koyu on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:56 am

I would like to add as small details Chu, that maybe when combined Beast feels his guild, he only intends to fix it by wiping out only Axe's memories so he can start anew and be done with it. So once he finds the broken Axe and is about to begin, the part of himself that loves Axe causes him even more guild as despite this Axe will still be alone and he suffered a lot for Beast just to be with him again and mostly him wiping Axe's memory was just his way to wipe out his own guild and nothing more. So that pushes him to separate that part of him to be with Axe, since that is all Axe ever wanted, fought for it, suffered for it, sacrificed for it.

Then combined Beast and the separate Beast have a conversation, the separate Beast thanking him for letting him be with Axe and now combined Beast was free of his guild. The separate Beast accepting his fate with a smile, as his memories will be wiped and he can be his own being.

What say you?

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