Anri the necromancer

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Anri the necromancer

Post by The Lord Regent on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:40 am

Name: Anri
Age 14
Gender male
Race: Human
Skills: Strangely skilled in Necromancy far beyond his years, Literacy, some skill in other magic (mostly dark magic)
Background: Long ago anri was the sone of a pair of religious settlers in the Usmon, but he no longer remembers that time as he was quite young. The frontier is dangerous however and his parents found themselves prey to an aspiring necromancer. Much power was sensed in himand the necromancer took him as an apprentice, he would be a useful tool when the time came for the necromancer ammased an army to take his own kingdom, and he tought the child many lessons, but the child never learned his disdain for the livng, and in pitty even concotted a ploy with some revived corpses to save the lives of a few would be victims of his master. The necromancer was slain however
Appearance: 5'4, small framed, messy brown hair, creepy bright green eyes, and a young, inquisitive, and ooddly innocent face.
Equipment: Mage's staff, ritual dagger
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