Nofrem The Barbarian

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Nofrem The Barbarian

Post by The Lord Regent on Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:46 pm

Name: Nofrem
Age 28
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills: He's a master of mobile and offensive fighting with two blades, even if it leaves him open. Growing up as a warrior of the north he is a skilled monster hunter and swordsman, Skilled brawler. Survivalist, Tracker, good with a sling, accrobatic.
Background He is a warrior from the north, blood thirsty as all hell, he'd be a bandit but he doesn't hurt the defenseless. He is always looking for a new foe to test his skills against, and ready to eviscerate anyone who dares fight him or get in his way. In his youth he was a monster hunter in a barbarian clan, monsters are the best source of meat in Uskar so it was not a rare proffession, but he was one of the most talented, It taught him him to be a swift and agile fighter above all, to dodge and veer out of the way of a stronger opponent (though as a northman he is quite strong himself, just not compared to a troll) and to strike at its oppenings with speed and strength. When the time came that his tribe had to face a rival clan, he found that facing a human opponent was quite different, so he addapted his style to be choosier about the oppenings he took, and to hold back to dodge or block in case of a feint. A year or two ago he left his trbe to prove himself in battle against warriors and monsters from other lands.
Appearance: 6'2, Muscular, long black hair, fairly handsome in a rugged way, blue eyes like ice
Equipment: fur clothes (no armor.) Sling, A pair of viking swords, Dagger
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