This one is a WIP

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This one is a WIP

Post by The Lord Regent on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:08 am

Superhero moniker:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Secret Identity:
Alignment: I hesistate to say evil but he is a theif
Super Powers: He is ... debatably a super genius
Super Weaknesses : (Doesn't have to have one , but its a nice touch)


Costume Design:
General Description:
Hair Color: brown
Skin Color: pale
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.)


Secret Lair:
Vehicles: High tech van
Gadgets: Jet pack, Gauntlet that fires a stasis beam and works as a computer that can hack nearly anything, smoke grenades
Armor: A lab coat with light yet nearly indestructable armor underneath
Weapons: Energy rifle (always set to stun), Laser pistol

Backstory: He is one of syls vilians considered only slightly more dangerous than some college punk and far less hateable. He's a theif and very
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