Julius 'Pharaoh' Hill

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Julius 'Pharaoh' Hill

Post by Cthulhu on Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:25 am

Name:Julius Pharaoh Hill (prefers Pharaoh )
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Occupation: student
Personality: headstrong, cocky, a bit of a womanizer, bluntly honest, energetic
Likes: Hot girls, basketball, his mom, working out, rap music
Dislikes: hunters, entitled rich assholes, heavy metal, mumble rappers
Fears: Shaming his family and friends,not living up to his potential


Height: 6'0
General Appearance: Lean , tear tattoo under his left eye, looks moderately attractive, brown skin , heavy tattoos
Weight: 180
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown but the top is dyed orange, put up in twists with the sides shaved, has several stud earrings
Eyes Color: Storm grey (something that's always confused him)
Items (Jewelry, phones, tools etc.): A pure silver chain he got for his birthday, Chevy Camaro, a ton of hats, phone
Weapons: None yet
Image (optional): Nope

Mother: Agnes Howard
Father: Tyrell Howard , deceased
Brother: C.J Howard , twin brother
Sister: None
Lover/Wife: None yet
Children: Pull out game strong AF


Blood Bond:

The Blood Red Blade: Dwayne can summon an ancient blade known as the Oniyikuyasu , a blade made specifically to slay supernaturals . He hasn't unlocked all it's powers yet but it's still a formidable weapon.


On the whole a pretty regular dude from the 'Black Belt' in Chicago , until very recently he lived the Chiraq experience,.Living out of a small apartment with his mom and brother.That was until he inherited a small fortune from his uncle and was invited to his uncle's old house 'The Night Palace'.

Half man half amazing .

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Re: Julius 'Pharaoh' Hill

Post by Koyu on Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:54 am


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