Vincent Pinespell

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Vincent Pinespell

Post by Koyu on Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:29 pm


Name: Vincent Pinespell
Age: Somewhere around 6479 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Lord of Old
Personality: Can be done later, what kinda person they are? Headstrong? Uncaring? Kind?
Likes: Books, servants, rain.
Dislikes: Priests, hunters, light, angels.
Fears: Fire and other powerful beings.


Height: Optional
Weight: Optional
Hair Color: Grey decently short but messy and lifeless looking.
Eyes Color: Red.
Items (Jewelry, phones, tools etc.): Bloodstone necklace.
Weapons: A straight sword.

Mother: Your mother's name and slight description.
Father: Your father's name and slight description.
Brother: Your brother's name and slight description, if none delete this section, if more than one add more sections and also add the words "little" and big" or "twin".
Sister: Your sister's name and slight description, if none delete this section, if more than one add more sections and also add the words "little" and "big" or "twin".
Lover/Wife: Do you have a loved one? Or are you already married? Their name and slight description.
Children: Do you have children of your own? Their names here and slight descriptions.


Vampire Monster: The vampire can become much more powerful when taking a form of a vampiric looking monster (appearance differs from vampire to vampire) by abandoning logical thinking and allowing only their instincts to drive them.

Scramble Mind: Vincent can confuse the mind of their target to become paranoid, hallucinate, feel odd sensations and believe lies.


In ancient times when an old and powerful vampire clan was in power and with a different rule over the vampire society, with one family with one lord to address everything related to vampirism. Vincent was a new prince in that clan due to his transformation and was chosen as a successor due to the strong blood of the clan that flowed through his veins, over time he got used to his position and new way of life like all the others due to the environment and succumbing to their very nature. But the entire vampire society collapsed due to the growing power of man and the help of angels that gave them the light to banish them and dwindle the vampire numbers. Vincent went to hiding sleeping in a coffin for multitude of years to awaken and bring vampires back to power and their old way of rule, so now he awakens in his secure location depths of a deep cave.

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