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Post by KiloSasha on Thu May 04, 2017 12:39 pm

Superhero moniker: Chimera
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Secret Identity: Carman Morgan Athena
Ó Murchadha[size=71] [/size](goes by Morgan)
Alignment: Ambiguous
Super Powers: powerful telekinesis and telepathy that she can barely control.
Super Weaknesses:


Costume Design: none
General Description: Long curly dyed grey hair with deep desaturated purple/grey roots, and the colour gets lighter as it goes down, and she has an undercut at the back. She mostly wears it up in a messy bun, as she can’t be bothered dealing with the length. She has snake bite piercings rings, a pair of nose piercings on each side, naval piercing and an industrial ear piercing, as well as a few other ear piercings. Her skin holds a vague tan from summer, she has pale green eyes, and her ears protrude slightly. She has a slight lisp.
Hair Color: Purple/grey
Skin Color: white
Height: 5’4’’
Distinctive features: doctor who, Sherlock, many video games, nature and ancient mythology themed tattoos, piercings, a scar on her eyebrow from splitting her head open as a kid.


Secret Lair: none
Vehicles: none
Gadgets: none
Armor: none
Weapons: none

Backstory: Fatherless most of her life, she compensated for this by having mainly male friends, and very often having multiple girlfriends at once. She has had a few father figures throughout her childhood, but these have always seemed to end after she gets close to them, consequently making her distrustful, very closed off about her emotions, with a sprinkle of abandonment problems to top it off, as she believes everyone will leave her eventually. Despite this, she still remains rather bubbly, and is very chilled out about most things. She is the most laid back person you’ll ever meet, as she generally just doesn’t give a shit. School work was never a priority for her, yet she annoyingly did very well in school. A late bloomer, the death of her mother, taken by leukemia, introduced her to her previously dormant powers. The poor doctor who had to tell her of her late mother's passing was ripped apart by her powers, yet she could feel his pain the entire time. Unable to stop, two consecutive rooms were also destroyed, and she fled once witnessing the damage done.

In the new school, she smuggled in her cat, because why not.

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