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Dixon Barclay

Post by The Lord Regent on Tue May 02, 2017 3:24 pm

Superhero moniker: Ranger
Gender: Male
Age: arround 200
Race: Magic wereElk
Secret Identity: Dixon Barclay
Alignment: Overall good
Super Powers: Sorcery, Shape shift from human to magic silver Elk with incredible strength, speed, and durability and back, enhanced athletic abilities in his human form, unaging
Skills: Martial arts, sharpshooting, good at magic, tracking, intimidation, marksmanship in general, horseback riding, knife  throwing and fighting, poker, Alchemy


Costume Design: not at present
General Description: Tall, well muscled, unkempt brown hair, possesses a rough stubble, looks in his late twenties
Hair Color: brown
Skin Color: white
Height: 6'4
Distinctive features: Scars from a claw across the right half of his face for the time he had to subdue a feral nate


Secret Lair: various shity motels and appartments
Vehicles: black harley that is a bit old an worn
Gadgets: no
Armor: no
Weapons: Sawed off pump action shotgun, SKS, .357 magnum Revolver (Finally learned how to use a pistol), wand

Backstory: Born in 1838 he was raised by indians, and fought in the confederate armies in the civil war and probably scrapped with nate at one point because narrative. After the war he became a texas ranger for a bit, saved the world from the horsemen of the apocalypse, married a crazy sorceress even more powerful then him, then got divorced and had to lay low just after ww2... he is still laying low taking small time untraceable jobs wherever he can find them.
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