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Post by Cthulhu on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:50 pm

Supervillain moniker : Despotellus
Age: unknown (presumably late twenties)
Race: presumably meta-human
Secret Identity: he has many aliases , however his favorite is Miles Gloriosus
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: His meta-human powers allow him control over gravity , using this he can use such powers as , flight , generation of force fields, telekinesis , and other such powers, super genius.
Super Weaknesses : none


Costume Design:   Sleek hooded white double breasted long coat left mostly unbuttoned , underneath which he wears silver mechanized armor inspired by a medieval knights, white gloves , a simple chrome near featureless helmet with two eye slits
General Description: Tall, lean , black hair slicked back dapperly, clean shaven, handsome
Hair Color: Black with a single skunk stripe of white
Skin Color: pale
Distinctive features: grey eyes are constantly glowing with power.


Secret Lair: A under construction floating island fortress above the Artic ocean , crewed by an army of newly recruited henchman and equipped with state of the art defense systems. He calls it Babel.

Vehicles: No personal ones but can call upon any of the advanced vehicles in his mechanized state of the art fleet when in need.

Gadgets: an army of mechanized robots ,  personal teleporter , invisibility device

Armor:His incredibly tough high tech armor the Aegis. It is a state of the art exoskeleton capable of deploying localized force fields and it's incredibly complex  defense systems allow it to reflect black concussive force or absorb it to give it's user a boost of super strength , the armor can lift up to twenty tons at base power and even more when put into overdrive. It is powered by solar energy but can also absorb certain other energies to gain power. It has several jet repulsion systems for Mach 5 speed flight and quick evasion. The armor is operated by a near sentient A.I known as the Daedalus system , which micro manages the logistics of the armors functions and also works as an advanced HUD. The armor also gives him the power to harness electricity and lightning into blasts and waves , but not to the level of a true electromancer

Weapons: Other than his powers his armor is equipped with Electric shock blasters on the palm of the hands. as well as multiple mini contained missile launchers , and laser beam projectors on the tip of the fingers of his gauntlets .

Backstory: (you're a supervillain,be detailed) He claims to have once been an incredibly brilliant scientist and mechanic the top of his field in matters of gravity , inertia and electro magnetism as well as no slouch in the others.Other small hints he has given over the years lead authorities to believe he may have once been a certain William Payne . A brilliant young  Omni disciplinary scientist renowned for his insatiable curiosity and willingness to take incredible risk in the name of science , he was working on a risky localized controlled black hole experiment when everything went wrong , fearing the worst he ordered his lab assistant to teleport him and the generator far off into space to prevent the destruction of the Earth . The strange radiation waves the generator was giving off during the experiment have been theorized to be a possible source of his powers, but nothing is known for sure.

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Re: Despotellus

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