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Nathan Abernathy

Post by Cthulhu on Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:29 pm

Superhero moniker: Has several codenames including Blackball , Nickel Nate , Slim Pawky , Allfather , and The DEADman
Race:Werecat (Bio-enhanced)
Secret Identity: Nathaniel Abernathy
Alignment: good (normally)
Super Powers: Due to his werecat biology as well as some minor bio-enhancements Nate has the abilities of

  • Enhanced senses of sight smell and hearing
    *enhanced speed or strength(can lift up to one ton)
    *razor sharp claws and fangs
    *enhanced agility(better than Olympic gymnasts)
    * longevity(can live up to 350 years) ,
    *Minor level shape shifting (Appearance ages depending on his mood)
    * superhuman stamina(can exert himself up to 24 hours before feeling fatigue) ,
    * As well as potent superhuman durability

Skills: A legend in the quiet secretive circles of super spydom Nate's skills encompass almost every possible thing you can imagine , from deciphering Morse Code to Marksmanship to his knowledge of 18th century science fiction literature. Though very few know his true capabilities what is known is that speaking very bluntly , the Blackball is nothing to screw around with.
Super Weaknesses : can go feral when hurt badly , can die from almost anything a normal man can really


Costume Design:

General Description:He appears to  be a man in his late thirties , aging but still handsome with dark brown skin, green catlike eyes , and a muscular robust form,well groomed close cut beard ,bald.
Hair Color:black with bits of grey
Skin Color:brown
Distinctive features:prominent canine teeth


Secret Lair:

Backstory: Spymaster,slave , officer , cowboy , bounty hunter , outlaw , Nathaniel Abernathy has been many things over many years , to many people. That sort of thing happens when you're a man cursed with chronic boredom. Born a slave in 1821 in northern Georgia , Nathan was freed by a kind Texas Ranger and fled to the north, returning to fight in the Corps de Afrique in the Civil War and becoming the first black colonel (to hide his existence the united states officially claims that was Charles Young). In war after war he served with valor until the second world war , where he along with a certain werewolf sorceress and her immortal boyfriend created the super powered unit that would one day transform into D.E.A.D or the 'Demihuman ,Enforcement Allied Division'. Mission after mission they fought the nefarious plots of the third reich , foiling their attempts of summoning demons in Arabia , preventing their plans of a werewolf Army in Poland. By the end of the war D.E.A.D was large enough to become it's own agency , staffed by werewolves  , wizards , psychics ,protecting the world from supernatural threats under command by the U.N. It was fun but in what would be a bit of a theme in his lifetom , eventually it got boring so at the start of the cold war he left D.E.A.D to join the C.I.A

 The life of a super spy suited Nate well ,throughout the decades of the cold war Nate became a legend , his peerless precision , natural charm and pure talent as a killer turning him into a myth. The Blackball they called him after a deadly python , his life was danger , action and deceit. He spent his days in gun fights in the Thailand slums searching for ancient gems and his night infiltrating the private resorts of criminal syndicates. From the high rises of Tai Pei to the depths of space his adventures spanned. And he enjoyed it to it's fullest , a life of prestige danger and pretty women, fine alcohol and one night stands. But as with all things , bored of it all , seeking a change of pace , but not wanting to leave the spy life he turned back to D.E.A.D.

Seeing an opportunity for a new role when the previous Directer of D.E.A.D retired he returned to take the seat of the Undertaker. For ten years now he's held the title  now , transforming the agency from a flashy guns blazing gang of cowboy cops to the shadowy black ops agency the world needed. Beginning to grow bored with the job of Director Nate almost rejoiced when his agents began hearing tell of people with super powers , a surge of alien migrants to Earth and shake up in the world of Magic. Taking the initiative he's now begun gathering data on every meta human his agents can find, you see he's got a bit of an idea, what if there was a team of very special people....

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