Garrett Storm

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Garrett Storm

Post by The Lord Regent on Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:05 am

Name: Garrett
Age: 80 (looks in his mid to ate 20s)
Gender: male
Race: part human, part demon
Ring type: Mystic of a black and red coloration plain with no gem very powerful dark and infernal magics in it (he is a true master of dark magic and physically beyond human even without it)
Backstory: The former pupil of doc; Garrett became frustrated with the lack of magic in his blood, the wall he had hit with his magical abilities no amount of studies or hard work could overcome, and his identity as doc's sidekick he set out on his own in his early twenties, going down the path of embuing his blood with magic by becoming part demon. He proceeded to surpass even doc's knowledge of the dark arts and make a home and name for himself as the most powerful mage in hell.
Appearance: GarrettĀ is Athletically built, with olive skin and mid length unkempt brown hair, one eye is red the other is blue, his face has been burnt or scarred in most placed
Homeworld: Earth
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