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Points of Interest

Post by Koyu on Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:20 pm

Temple of the Inferno

A temple residing in Hell, but it is not just one building, several temples are spread across Hell with demon priests tending to them. Demons don't have gods so their religion spins around the primal forces of Hell and nexuses of infernal magic, to be contained, Maintained, and used to strengthen spells when necessary. The Priesthood of hell is actually a powerful political force; Deacons among the lowest rank are taught to collect souls and brew a highly addictive potion from them, which is used to control the masses. Priests can imbue those who wish it with infernal magic; being imbued with infernal magic presents various short term benefits and long term mental health risks. Bishops are the most powerful and poses the ability to control the minds of weaker demons; the Bishops also use souls to tend to and contain the magics of the Nexuses.

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