The Cowl Defender of Darkgrove

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The Cowl Defender of Darkgrove

Post by Luey on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:03 pm

Superhero moniker: The Cowl
Race: Half human, half something else (he doesn't know)
Secret Identity: Connor O'Malley
Alignment: anti-hero
Super Powers: Is enhanced by some strange dark curse , giving him enhanced strength , speed , durability , teleportation, animal telepathy (specifically with vermin ) , the ability to appear and disappear,
Skills:  he also is a master street brawler and boxer, and is self-educated in the law. He speaks two languages and has educated himself in literature ,philosophy, and history. He's also a naturally skilled guitarist.
Super Weaknesses : Fire , necromantic magic, conventional weaponry above small arms and blades


Costume Design: Black rounded cowl with no visible eyes , dark grey and black high collared double breasted long coat , black gloves, black pants, black combat boots, midnight black cravat
General Description: Tall, slightly pale, perma-stubble , jet black eyes, wavy hair kept slicked down, might've been attractive if he ever bothered to take care of himself.
Hair Color: Vibrant red
Skin Color:slightly pale
Height: 6'3
Distinctive features:


Secret Lair: mobile
Armor:none just yet 
Weapons:his fists


An Irish-american kid from a poor family living in the 'Devils Den' of Darkgrove , he learned from an early age that the world is a cold place and to make it on your own , you had to be cold as well. He would join his four brothers in brawls, waiting and waiting as his bigger brothers took all the shots and poking in one once in a while , then running off when the police found them. It stayed that way for years , until his late teens when one day the cops did catch them , five years they said, five years in jail for assault and battery . Connor wasn't standing that so when he was wheeled in a car to be taken , he had a plan. As soon as they were out of the city, he sprung , kicking through the glass of the car window and leaping out into the forest. He ran , and ran deeper and deeper until he didn't hear the sirens, until he came to a part of the forest he had never seen before. The trees were all jet black, and no animals were scurrying around here. In fact there was scarcely any sound at all. He began to look around , as he had lost his way while running, and found himself drawn to a certain part of this strange forest. When he came out he was changed man to say the least (wip).

Name: Luey
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Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

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