The Cowl Defender of Darkgrove

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The Cowl Defender of Darkgrove

Post by Cthulhu on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:03 pm

Superhero moniker: The Cowl
Race: Human..or something that was
Secret Identity: Connor O'Malley
Alignment: anti-hero
Super Powers: Is enhanced by some strange dark curse , giving him enhanced strength , speed , durability , teleportation, animal telepathy (specifically with vermin ) , the ability to appear and disappear, cause hallucinations , and possess others (he has no idea how to use most of this stuff)
Skills:  Fist fighting , intimidation , investigative journalism ,car theft , lying to someone's face , is pretty good on the piano
Super Weaknesses : Fire , necromantic magic,


Costume Design: The Cowl takes the appearance of a man in an  ragged overcoat as black as midnight , over an aged grey three piece suit ,with black gloves ,tie , and leather dress suit. The titular cowl is jet black and completely featureless ,revealing his mouth but with no eyes.
General Description: Tall, slightly pale, perma-stubble , jet black eyes, wavy hair kept slicked down, might've been attractive if he ever bothered to take care of himself.
Hair Color: Vibrant red
Skin Color:slightly pale
Height: 6'3
Distinctive features: jet black eyes are not common


Secret Lair: 


Connor O'Malley was sick and tired of being nothing but a thug , a life time of crime , gang violence and constant strife  had sickened him entirely. He tried to get out , go to school got into journalism , he was good at it really good.He loved it , finally after years of nothing but pain and strife things were turning around for him. But he forgot the one rule of the mob life, once you sign never get out. That's how he found himself lying face down in an alley , three hot pieces of lead blasted deep into his flesh. Blood pooling out around him as his consciousness faded and everything started going dark. That's how Connor died, but death isn't the end, in fact sometimes it's a new beginning , sometimes instead of ending someone , you just piss them off, sometimes instead of cutting off a loose end , you tear up the whole damn shirt.

Something touched Connor as he lay there , shot down by the only friend he thought he had left ,mind a mess of fear, regret, sadness and most importantly rage. Something old ,and cold , something that changed him , brought him back , made him strong , strong enough to fight back , strong enough to bring the fear to those who thought they could kill without consequence. Strong enough for revenge.

Like what the fuck is real, what the fuck is wrong?

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