I Am The Wolf

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I Am The Wolf

Post by Miss Pepsi on Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:37 pm

My eyes are the ones you can never read
And the ones you've never read
I'm ignored by all who see me
I'd rather like being dead

You call me a demon
A ferocious, savage beast
I'm no better than what you do
At the table having a feast

I sing to the moon
For she is the only one who listens
I walk the snowy banks
Oh, how it glistens

I've been killed to almost extinction
Been put in a cage
You made this beast in me
One filled with rage

For a home I wander
For a friend I prowl
Searching for someone
Who will answer my howl

I am the wolf
The one you shed in fear
I search the world over
For someone that will hear
Miss Pepsi
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