Dr.Ma'at master of magic might

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Dr.Ma'at master of magic might

Post by Cthulhu on Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:08 pm

Superhero moniker:Dr. Ma'at
Age:22(has the mind and experiences of someone over 100 years old)
Race: Half wizard half elf
Secret Identity: Summayah Aswad
Alignment: Good
Super Powers:As a Grand Master of the Mystic Arts she has exceptional skill in , minor reality warping , flight , conjuration, offensive magics , enchantment , telepathy , teleportation , seeing the future , seeing the past ,chronomancy (can reverse time within a two minute interval)
Skills: Doctorate in medical sciences, persuasion , charming , yoga
Super Weaknesses : None


Costume Design:Doesn't really wear one  , 
General Description: tall , slender , Afro-Arab , silver eyes , full lips , shoulder length hair, long sharp ears
Hair Color:white
Skin Color:brown
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.), a glowing white eye of Horus tattoo on her left hand


Secret Lair: A house she stores within her suitcase.
Vehicles:doesn't need any
Armor:can summon numerous magical armors
Weapons: her staff of Ma'at , a powerful conductor for nearly all spells , wrought of magical gold with an ankh shaped head inset with a large lapis lazuli stone

[u]Backstory: The beloved neice of the last Grand Master of Magic and a talented mage , she is the latest successor in a long line of accomplished mages , a complete upset pick for the role among the group of older and more experienced candidates for the role . Despite her age due to her  uncle being the last one to hold the role she is quite serious about it and despite having been quite the rebel and slacker while at university , with the pressure of her uncle's expectations on her she's determined to do the role justice , even if she doesn't really want to have it.

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