Dr.Ma'at master of magic might

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Dr.Ma'at master of magic might

Post by Luey on Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:08 pm

Superhero moniker:Dr. Ma'at (Master of mystical might)
Age:30 (Looks and acts about 22 due to intensely slowed aging)
Race: Homo Magi (Mystically inclined human)
Secret Identity: Ibtihaj Mahmoud (Everyone just calls her doc)
Alignment: Good
Super Powers: mastery over all earthly magics (Conjuration ,teleportation, telling the future, telling the past, exorcism ,rune magic , offensive magic, chronomancy ), 
Skills: Doctorate in medical sciences , deduction , extensive literary and philosophical knowledge, 
Super Weaknesses : None


Costume Design:Doesn't really wear one any more , however she is always wearing a silver Egyptian eagle brooch , 
General Description: tall , slender , Afro-Arab , silver eyes , full lips , hair in a loose curl, beautiful
Hair Color:white
Skin Color:brown
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.), a glowing white eye of Horus tattoo on her left hand


Secret Lair: Seventh Sanctum (A mystical ever movnig house outside of time in space, a repository of countless artifacts, spell books, and creatures to horrible to set free
Vehicles:Flying carpet
Armor:can summon near invincible armor of Sekhmet , but this shortens her overall lifespan severely
Weapons: her staff of Ma'at , a powerful conductor for nearly all spells , wrought of magical gold with an ankh shaped head inset with a large lapis lazuli stone

Backstory: (your a superhero,be detailed): Won't tell anyone , most rumors say she was a former physician who's uncle was the last Dr.Ma'at , but when he died he passed o the mantle to her, what is known is that she has battled countless chaos gods, ancient entities, and even demons from R'yleh.

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