Deadly Vixen (Finished)

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Deadly Vixen (Finished)

Post by Bella on Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:06 pm


Superhero moniker: Deadly Vixen
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Humanoid animal
Secret Identity: Octavia Demonwalker
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: Invisibility, night vision, super speed, and ability to talk to animals and control animals.
Super Weaknesses: Anything elemental and magic


Costume Design: Black leather like suit with glittery silver swirling patterns on it. A black face mask that hides her secret identity. Never wears any type of shoes due to have paws for feet, but she does have human-shaped hands. Black spiked open-fingered gloves that go up partial of her arms.
General Description: Tall woman that looks exactly like a Khajiit from Skyrim only as a red fox instead. Has a black-tipped red tail, paws for feet, regular human hands but every inch of her skin in covered with thin-ish red fur and in the pattern of a red fox, hence her moniker. Has amber eyes, fangs of a fox, ears of a fox, and claws on her hands like a fox.
Hair Color: Curly dark brown
Skin Color: Pale but hidden by the fur
Height: Roughly 6 feet
Distinctive features: Ears and tail


Secret Lair: An old abandoned laboratory
Vehicles: Motorcycle
Gadgets: None
Armor: None
Weapons: Throwing stars, longsword, bow and arrows, twin daggers, pistol, and her own claws and fangs


Octavia had a fairly normal childhood even though she was an only child of a rich couple. In her younger years she was the most popular girl in school and had tons of friends and even after school she got along great with many different types of people. After going to college and graduating from it she earned a spot as a scientist working with chemicals in a lab. They were trying to find cures for cancer which was dangerous of course, but also really fun since she enjoyed all her science classes she had taken over the years. One day as she was about to pack up her things and head home to her apartment, something bad happened that changed her life forever. She accidentally caused a domino effect with some of the chemical tests that were inside the lab, luckily she was the only one there. The result of which genetically mutated her body in a few minutes and due to the change had collapsed on the floor.

When she came too she examined herself and in great shock realized what had happened and panicked. She couldn't be seen like this, not by her family, her friends, her co-workers, nobody could see her like this! She exited the building and drove her motorcycle to another place to live, knowing her land-lord would freak out if they saw her like this as well. After a while of searching she found an abandoned laboratory that just so happened have been a hospital at some point for there was beds she could sleep in. She then realized in order to survive she'd have to steal because she couldn't be seen, in which time became a villain. She started killing people for their money and disposing of their bodies just to survive, but eventually she started liking the habit and started killing people for fun, especially those who were dumb enough to try and stop her or plead for her to spare them.
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