The pale headsman

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The pale headsman

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:44 pm

Superhero moniker: Pale headsman
Gender: male
Age: 38 (gem keeps him in his physical prime)
Race: Empowered Human
Secret Identity: Keeth redsmith
Alignment: Brutal Antihero
Super Powers: Super strength, and durability, enhanced speed, shadow morphing, dark energy blasts, flight, empower others
Super Weaknesses : concentrated Light energy


Costume Design:A black trench coat and black mask that covers the top half of his face, black boots and clothes too
General Description: Muscle bound, so pale you can see black veins beneath the skin, and black eyes like an endles void
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: unnaturally pale
Height: 6ft
Distinctive features: A scar across the opposite eye as Captain Cosmic that seems to fill with the blackest void


Secret Lair: Gallows of the void, a group of islands floating in infinite darkness where he lives when not fighting crime
Vehicles: None
Gadgets: Dark cosmic gem
Armor: coat
Weapons: morphs limbs into shadow blades

Backstory: Keeth was once a fairly ordinary law abiding citizen, a single father who worked a crappy warehouse job to make ends meet, and provide for his daughter. One day when he was at the bank with his kid daughter ready to cash a paycheck the bank was held up by armed robbers. When the criminals made their escape they took his daughter as one of their hostages. She was unlucky and they ended up shooting her in the  head to show the cops they were serious just before the criminals were foiled and the other hostages saved by some super hero. Keeth was distraught , and fell into a deep depression, then into anger. He punched a police officer out and stole his car, careful not to kill or badly hurt anyone, he wanted to be sent to prison so he could find the people who killed his daughter. He was and he did, but when the time came he tried to shiv one in the back, he was caught, beaten, and left to die in a trash can in the prison yard. Desperate for life he crawled out of the can badly wounded, and as he did , a dark gem crashed into the yard before him. It did not speak to his mind it spoke to his heart, bidding him to pick it up by his desire for vengeance, once he did it fused with him, and the rest is a violent string of musrders, as the gem drives him to kill because of his hatred of criminals
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Re: The pale headsman

Post by Cthulhu on Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:03 pm


Name: Luey
Gender: Male
Super power: Shitty jokes
Super Weakness : easily distracted by the sexy
Special Quote: I am a luxury few can afford

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