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Silver Specter

Post by Cthulhu on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:09 pm

Superhero moniker:Silver Specter
Race: human
Secret Identity: Sierra Stirling , 'Vanya'
Alignment: Good
Super Powers:none however she is an incredibly naturally intelligent polymath with an I.Q of 153 is a natural athlete.
Skills:Through her years of hard training Sierra mastered the disciplines of numerous Martial arts , stealth , marksmanship spears , bows , guns , and thrown weapons , survival in the harshest of climates ,how to block attempts at telepathy and calm her mind , cooking , cleaning , acrobatics , gymnastics , combat tactics , swordsmanship , hunting , interrogation , and advanced psychology, she also has studied chemistry , mechanical engineering , and English literature.
Super Weaknesses : None


Costume Design: The material that forms the bulk of her form fitting costume is a lightweight Kevlar underlined by a thin layer of kinetic gel that lies under the surface of the grey base leotard to protect her body and absorb shock. Over that is sleek grey frock coat that stops at the hips with silver buttons and hemming. On her arms grey  leather drivers gloves, thigh high silver combat boots. Across her hips is a silver plated utility belt with bandoleers across her leg for extra field equipment like smoke bombs or grapnel spikes and a holster for her Spectre Pistol . Her mask is jet black and covers her entire head (made from a breathable substance so she doesn't suffocate) and has white goggle lenses for eyes

General Description: Sierra has jet black ringlets of curly hair , light brown freckled skin,  her face is hearth shaped with full lips slim but prominent nose,  jet black brows and almond like dark brown eyes with full  lashes, her body shape is very well developed , with wide  hips , full firm thighs and a sizable bust  , this mixed with her toned and muscular form would make her incredibly attractive to most.

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: light brown(mixed race)


Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.) Tattoo of a single word in Sanskrit on her back 'Shiva',several long faded scars along her torso and arms


Secret Lair:an abandoned bomb shelter beneath the city that has been re purposed into an advanced headquarters for Sarah, complete with holo-tech computers , self sustaining generator, garage , docking bay , medical center ,
Gadgets: Flash bangs, grapple gun, smoke bombs , remote controlled camera drones , tear gas grenades ,
Weapons: Two stun rods , and her Specter pistol which can shoot, sleep, freezing , and tear gas.

Backstory:  Sierra Stirling grew up on stories of heroes , whether from comic books , television , or those old radio serials her father would put on tape. Daughter of a successful real estate mogul father and attorney general mother her parents were larger than life , almost like the people from those stories. But they always reminded her that they were just stories , that the world wasn't like the comics where Superman would swoop down to save the day , the world while full of good , was still a tough cold place sometimes , and not everything ended happy. She would soon realize exactly how right they were.They had been on vacation to one of their island summer homes in the pacific where it washed in , a massive category five monsoon , headed straight for the island. There was no escape , the ocean waters to rough to sale through , the house not sturdy enough to withstand such a storm. The storm came , and wiped it all away , her parents , the house...only she was left behind...all alone .

For a month and a half she survived there , living off the scraps the storm didn't hide away and boiling sea water until she ran out of supplies , after a week of starving she learned how to fish, then how to hunt the small game of the island. She survived only off of her will , and of fear of dying with her family gone and near no hope to survive what else did she have? Yet eventually salvation came...or so she thought , a ship liner passing the island , with a fire signal she hailed it down...only to realize that her saviors had turned out to be pirates. Soon she found herself locked in the brig , her captors hoping to bring her back to the states for a ransom . For weeks she was starved and abused and for what felt like forever she thought she would die again. But fate had bigger plans for her , in the night they came , phantoms moving like death itself cutting down each and every thug in brigand before anyone realized it happened. They freed the girl from her cage and before the sun had risen again they were gone.

When she awoke she found herself somewhere entirely different , a grand temple hidden deep in the jungle , tended too by hundreds of warrior women , assassins..the Rakshasa , an ancient order who named themselves from the vampires of Hindu folklore. Defenders of the oppressed , of brothel girls and slaves , liberators...or so it seemed. Their leader Shiva adopted Sierra , taking her as her daughter to replace the parents she had lost telling her that she who had once been in much the same lot as Sierra had found the strength to fight back. And so the training began , for 13 years Sierra learned , she learned how to strike the lethal pressure points , how to hide in plain sight , how to see inside another's mind and tell their true intentions , she became one of them and...and she was happy. It seemed as though once again she had found her family among these warriors of seemed. It would be tragedy when she found out how wrong she really was.

Three years ago she returned to the states , a grown woman, claiming that she had worked for years in China as a factory worker until she saved up enough to return home. Reclaiming her inheritance after her blood test , Sierra now finds herself back in the life of luxury she had taken for granted as a child , remembering the stories of the 'Green Hornet' from her childhood.And with the skill and resources to back up her crusade she has begun a war on crime in the hopes of proving that true heroes can exist.

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