Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden

Post by Luey on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:09 pm

Superhero moniker:Iron Maiden
Race: Metahuman
Secret Identity: Sarah Sterling 
Alignment: Good
Super Powers: Can change her skin to silver , which gives her enhanced toughness ,weight, and strength to a considerable degree, Skills: Smart,master hacker, considerable martial arts training,deduction ,inventing
Super Weaknesses : None other than incredibly high temperatures


Costume Design: Jet black leather mechanic's jumpsuit with the words Iron Maiden written in grey script steel like script on her back ,steel grey utility belt , spiked knuckle gloves , steel grey thigh high boots with steel spike treads , finger less biker style gloves ,silver and grey skin tight leotard with silver face mask that covers most of her face except for her mouth and ears topped with a fin.
General Description: fit, pretty but not like drop dead gorgeous ,short hair in pixie cut, brown eyes , near hourglass figure
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: light brown(mixed race)
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.) None 


Secret Lair:an abandoned bomb shelter beneath the city that has been re purposed into an advanced headquarters for Sarah, complete with holo-tech computers , self sustaining generator, and forensics lab.
Gadgets: Flash bangs, grapple gun, smoke bombs , remote controlled camera drones , tear gas grenades ,
Weapons: her fists


 A vigilante and hacktivist even before the Metahuman Dawn event , Sarah couldn't have been happier when she obtained her powers , quickly whipping up a costume and superhero name she is intent on being the first ever true superhero. And she's quite the head start considering she was already doing the job before.(wip)

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Re: Iron Maiden

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:54 pm

2$ for age?
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