Vanguard (Why are these shit's so long)

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Vanguard (Why are these shit's so long)

Post by Luey on Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:47 pm

Superhero moniker: Vanguard
Age:20 (cosmic gem keeps him in his physical prime )
Secret Identity: Cole Shultz
Alignment: (Good,Evil,Anti-hero,ambiguous): Good (Under gem's influence ) Anti-Hero (True Identity)
Super Powers: (Don't make it over powered ) Cosmic Gem grants enhanced strength , speed ,durability and stamina, Cosmic Gem allows him to harness Cosmic energy to , fire energy blasts, create force fields, fly , empower others, and strengthen his attacks
Super Weaknesses :Anti matter power , magic


Costume Design: Red form fitting  jumpsuit, golden stylized comet emblem bearing the cosmic gem at its core, White metallic boots, white metallic wristbands, white utility belt with holster. High collar with white lining
General Description: Musclebound ,hair swept up ,magenta eyes,handsome
Hair Color:Brownish blonde
Skin Color:tan
Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos ,etc.) A scar in his chest that glows Magenta when he uses his power


Secret Lair: The Cosmic Cavern , alternate dimension full of raging cosmic energy where he built his space base, he can access it at any time
Gadgets: Cosmic Gem (Sentient iradiative chrystal forged at the beginning of time , can absorb most known energies 
Armor:His Cosmic Containment Suit 
Weapons: Magnum Opus (Punny), a powerful two shot handcannon revolver infused with Cole's power


Once your everday con stuck in the slammer , when a powerful cosmic gem crashed into his cell from space , and struck him directly in the chest. Unable to get it out and with the gem sending out waves of potent radiation , the prison doctor said he had a few months to live before he dies of basically everything cancer. Currently he's sitting in the prison hospital wondering why the hell this happened to him , not knowing that the metahuman gene in his blood would allow him to harness it's energies for himself and discover what it is.

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