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World of Champions info

Post by Luey on Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:00 pm

World of Champions is an original superhero rp where you get to create and roleplay (obviously) your own superhero characters. Set on an alternate earth where costumed heroes battle it out with mobsters , intergalactic warlords and extra dimensional entities. In this version of Earth ancient aliens came to the planet in prehistoric times and bathed the planet in certain cosmic radiation ,as an experiment. The result a dormant mutation in the modern human genome , the mutation is active in a good 1.2% of the earth population , it is an opportunistic survival mechanism , altering the DNA to help its bearer survive catastrophes by developing new abilities.  It is also the source for many earth legends, yet now there's been a large surge in the gene activating , and a new age , alike to what one would see in comic books is beginning to dawn. Heroes and villains dawning costume and duking it out to decide to fate of humanity , which side will you choose?

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