The Worlds

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The Worlds

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The world of humans most commonly known as, but many other creatures also originate from here, the only ones who do not originate from Earth are Demons and Angels. Most humans are afraid of supernaturals and for a good reason as they are much more powerful than humans and prey upon them, but despite this the human species has flourished for thousands of years as many supernaturals need them and some even protect them as well as humans populate fast. (Refer to what Earth actually looks like but adding a few fictional places for allowing creativity).


The world where demons live, a place filled with constant tread and inhabitable by other races due to raging volcanoes, poisonous jungles and acid rain. The place is divided into areas of different sizes that are ruled by a Demon Lord, they can either be some civil places with cities or just a wild area where it goes by the law "survival of the fittest". The demons usually drag souls into this world from Earth and imprisons them into cages for demons to absorb for more power or torture them for their amusement, both physical and mental torture.


The world where angels live, a world where the sun always shines and is literally a paradise, the areas there are controlled by an Arch Angel that looks over their subjects and rules over them and the areas match what the current Arch Angel prefers in their own area so when an Arch Angel is replaced with a new one the area changes its appearance. The angels gather souls from Earth, they lure them into their realm with beautiful warm light promising paradise. The world is indeed a paradise but the souls here are nothing but prisoners that exist to feed the power of the current Arch Angel, while demons have to absorb souls to gain power the angels don't, instead the power from the soul flows into the Arch Angel not harming the soul nor breaking it but the soul will be engulfed with the feeling of peace that they become nothing but zombies that sit, lay down and walk aimlessly around enjoying the "paradise".

Spirit Realm

A world that exists over Earth, it is an exact copy of the world but foggy and without any life. Only the souls of the dead walk or sit idly by here before they are picked up by angels or demons. A dead demon's or angel's soul can get stuck in this world until they fall into a dormant state of eternal sleep so seeing a sleeping angel and demon souls in places is normal and cannot be woken up but can be taken by an angel or demon back to their own realms for rebirth.


When a mage summons a creature from heaven or hell, they summon a being that is foreign in many ways, but that are comprehensible, and at the very least seem to be part of this reality. To summon from the void however is to bring forth a creature that is entirely alien like nothing from the more comprehensible realms. Certain texts of ancient mages claim void is the domain of a mad god; debate still rages among modern mages as to whether that is meant literally or as a hyperbole to the realm's strange nature. No creature alive has been to the void and back save for creatures born there, amphibious humanoid creatures with gills and blue skin are the most common creatures to crossover, and the most mundane, they babble unintelligibly, some also wield strange magics of the void and can be willed to obey their summoner, but they cannot be understood. Other stranger creatures can be summoned too, some can be controlled some can't, and sometimes something is able to cross over uninvited.

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