Possible Dangers

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Possible Dangers

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:32 pm

Supernatural Hunters

They hunt supernaturals for a living, they are taught how evil and dangerous supernaturals are and how it is their job to eliminate them. They are mostly professionals so they can take down powerful supernaturals despite being human, their organization is known to all humans and will investigate any reports of supernaturals activity as well as suspects. Sometimes accidents happen and a hunter may be turned into a supernatural being, the organization expects them to commit suicide or return to their base of operations to be executed, some hunters disappear though and are never to be seen again...

Physically enhanced hunters are also a thing, through science! The scientists have been able to extract some form of DNA from supernaturals and made it into an easy super efficient form of liquid that can be injected into a human host to slightly alter their DNA to gain new power, however they do have mild side effects and depending on the type if a certain threshold has been broken the host will mutate into a horrible monster so caution has been advised.

What serums are available, their level of filling the Threshold (which is 30 points) and side effects.

Speed Serum: 10 - Causes red colored eyes.
Strength Serum: 10 - Increased hair growth.
Perception Serum: 5 -
Dexterity Serum: 5 -
Agility Serum: 5 -
Durability serum 5 - Skin will feel hard and rugged.

Supernatural Tamers

They use magical means to bend supernaturals beings to their will and make them serve them, the will catch them first and do their magic on them to make them obey them but in order for the supernaturals to do exactly what they say there is a training process involved like with dogs. The tamers must teach their supernatural 'pets' to do as they say, starting with simple commands like attack, sit and stay. No one yet knows what is this magic that they use since these people certainly aren't mages.

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