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Orythos - religion

Post by KiloSasha on Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:33 pm

Vala – Goddess of childbirth, fertility and lust. Symbol of feminism;
Cordette – Goddess of storms and destruction;
Aedith – Goddess of war and weaponry;
Kilia – Goddess of the hunt and purity;
Maea – Goddess of harvest and feasts
Alma – Mother Nature – she created the world and all that’s in it. Mother of many of the gods and goddesses;
Maka – Goddess of sleep, dreams and nightmares;
Lena – Goddess of truth and justice;
Nexxis – Goddess of the household, homely duties and family;
Daemyl – Goddess of darkness and the underworld;
Ninat – Goddess of the earth;

Nöem – God of insects and poison;
Rysken – God of magic;
Aganthë – God of music, wine and parties;
Dantës – God of fire and victory;
Bespëlt – God of knowledge and writing;
Valmyr –God of the forest and animals;
Shaelen – God of the sun and light;
Xokan – God of Gods;
Aage – God of luck and safe journeys;
Mortem - God of death;
Sköll – Life Bringer. They say he revives those deemed worthy;
Vamium – God of the moon;
Hunden – God of lies, deceit and elves;
Renatus – God of past and future – two faced;
Arkenius – God of the sea;
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