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Leon Bladehorn

Post by Koyu on Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:48 am

Name: Leon Bladehorn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Likes: Optional, you can add later.
Dislikes: Optional, you can add later.
Skills: Unarmed combat, drawing, trapping, fishing.
Powers: Turn into black sludge, summon flock of ghost like crows, pain empowerment.
Appearance: Short dark brown hair, dark green eyes, smooth fair skin tone, pretty boy look, fairly muscular, his left arm is made of black sludge and he can't make it go away.
Background: Leon lived at a small village near a lake, his father is the local fisherman so he learnt how to fish from him and often helped him to get a big catch. Though Leon had his heart set on art, despite the state the world is in he always found joy in making something pretty on whatever surface he could find so seeing a picture decorating a fence was not uncommon in the village. Though sometimes he did go and set up traps outside the village to catch small animals or wound approaching monsters if they dared come closer, in one of these trips he himself fell on a trap made by the elite, he got taken to their secret underground lair and experimented on with black slime. The experimentation at least didn't turn him into a mindless monster, but he did receive strange powers and his left arm was never the same, before the elite could update his containment area to a new one where he can't cause trouble with his powers he already slipped away in his black sludge form and avoid the elite long enough to get out and run away. But now he was lost, he didn't know which way was home...

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