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Character Sheet Template

Post by Koyu on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:31 am

Hey, preferably you play as someone who has been either experimented on by the elite, self experimented on themselves or gotten heavily in contact with magic slime but hasn't mutated into a mindless monster. But ideas that differ from this are always welcome, since that can be spice of life after all. Also preferably there is something physical on the character to show the effects of the magic on them.

Name: (What are they called? Real name, false name, nickname, codename)
Age: (How old are they?)
Gender: (Male, Female, Both/None/Changes etc...)
Likes: Optional, you can add later.
Dislikes: Optional, you can add later.
Skills: (What are they good at? Maskmanship, knitting, fishing, agility etc...)
Powers: (Start with 3 powers, like: Pyromancy, weather control, enhanced intellect, extra body parts, transformation, illusion, dream walking, sadness inducement etc...)
Appearance: (What does your character look like?)
Background: (What is the story of your character?)

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