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The world was very advanced, tall buildings creating cities that dotted the land, floating transportation vehicles, ice-cream dispensers, restaurant food at home etc. But all good things come to an end as the cycle of the universe demands it, it was time for destruction. A giant dark being appeared in the world, it started laying waste on the cities and killing thousands but then a bright light came and being of light descended from the heavens to fight the creature of darkness. But their power seemed equal to each other, and thus the fight ended in their mutual destruction, both of them exploded in black, white and grey colored slime that proceeded to rain upon the world and the humans, animals and plants that came in contact with it mutated in various ways creating chaos and so the civilization fell.

Years have passed since the explosion and some form of civilization raises its head, as villages, towns, cities and hideouts have risen across the land. However life no longer was at advanced as it used to be, between avoiding areas still heavily contaminated with magic slime, mutated forests, mutant monsters and the "elite" that kidnap people for experimentation survival was still the word of the day.

Black Slime: Slime that is pitch black, concentrated magical power, often regarded as "evil" as the magic power distilled from it usually has something to do with destructive forces.

White Slime: Slime that is pure white it almost glows, concentrated magical power, often regarded as "good" as the magic distilled from it has something to do with life forces.

Grey Slime: A combination of black and white slime, it is volatile and unpredictable due to the combination but is much more potent.

Elite: Scientifically brilliant people that grouped together and created a laboratory, don't care about the common rabble and are trying to figure out ways to make life even more comfortable for themselves and often experiment on magic slime with kidnapped humans, their motives for such experimentation are shrouded in mystery...

Just a fraction of life...
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