Helia Sarrafort

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Helia Sarrafort

Post by KiloSasha on Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:32 pm

Name: Helia Sarrafort
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Skills: She is exceptionally talented at magic, manipulation, socialising.
Magic: Her magic emits a very bright white glow, that can burn a hole in the retina of those who look directly at it.
Appearance: She is undeniably beautiful, with long blonde hair to her naval that sits in perfect, luscious waves. She has full lips, a rosy glow to her skin, and one of her eyes is a hazel brown while her other is forest green. She is average height, with a generous bust and long legs.
Background: Her family originated from a witch clan deep in the forests of France, who were said to have the skill to harness the sun itself. They had something of a secretive past, however. With the explanations long lost to time, a great split divided the clan. Some remained, most left. Helia’s descendants travelled to America where they hoped to make a new life for themselves. And a new life, they made. Their inherent brutality and callousness meant they thrived as business men and women, making fortunes and stepping on the toes of those they deemed inferior. For years, they succeeded. When Helia came along, however, her parents had little time to see her for they were so busy with their own lives. She was left, for the most part, with a nanny – well, several nannies; she has driven every one off. Due to the rich magic blood that flows in her veins, Helia is naturally exceptionally talented at magic. She easily overtook any and all in her classes. She didn’t need to even try. But that’s where the problem arises. Her lack of effort prevents her from reaching her full potential. Not that she cares, of course; she is more than happy with her lot in life as it is, for nothing is a challenge to her. She very happily shits on others for their comparable lack of talent, and has become somewhat of a bully. This is not the only reason for this of course; her attempts to get her parents’ attention has meant she has acted out on several occasions.

If she live long,
and in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters.
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