Jacob The orphan

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Jacob The orphan

Post by The Lord Regent on Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:46 pm

Name: Jacob McCarty
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Skills: Skilled with curses and counter magic, makes strong warding charms, Trying to get the hang of pyromancy, Precise and quick wit a knife or scalpel, knows quite a bit about the anatomy of humans and various animals, history buff.
Magic: Jacob's magic has a strong red core and emits a black aura that makes nearby plants wilt, and speeds up nearby rot. Sometimes red tendril like arcs of energy crackle forth from the core.
Appearance: Jacob possesses neat black hair and light skin, he's rather thin. While just a bit shorter than his brother, he possesses a broader body type, and a handsome face much like his father, the only physical mark of his unholy conception is his iris's are a blood red color.
Background: Jacob inherited his abilities from his parents. His father was a pure wizard; normally wizards are symbols of hope, and vital soldiers in the war against the demon realm, but his father was prone to obsession; a man who would sacrifice anyone and commit unspeakable acts for his ego, and desires. Jacob's mother Laelette  was a member of the coven he would be adopted into, a witch of considerably skill and a valiant warden; she was not however the object of his father's desire, but a sacrifice along the way. One could justly accuse Jacob's father of many horrendous acts, but infidelity is not one of them; the man's only love was a mid level demon, and one of the few that could be considered clever for a human, in a way one could consider her his second mother. To stay in the human realm for an extended period of time a mid level demon needs to either be near a tear between worlds or posses a being native to the mortal realm; Laelette was just someone who made the mistake of trying to foil his father's plans, destroyed the demon's vessel, and was used as a replacement. It was from the rather disturbing union of his father and the possesed Laelette that the remarkable normal (all things considered) Witch Jacob was born along side a number of monstrous abominations. Jacob was raised among them and considered the most disappointing child until the age of eight, when a small army of wardens headed stormed his father's mannered, killed his father and a number of his siblings, put his mother out of her misery, as he was a witch and possessed a mortal soul Jacob was spared the torch, and taken in by the coven his mother had been a part of, adopted by the coven leader since he had no living family (aside from a number of escaped abominations). He was shy at first, but fit in rather well with the coven, he worked hard on his magical studies, some of which he possessed a talent for, and others he was hopeless in. While the coven watched him closely for signs that he was some sort of psychopath Jacob remained oblivious to the suspicion, and grew into a healthy, and outspoken, if sometimes a bit impulsive young man, who saw his adopted family as just that, family. Sure the effects of his magic were a bit strange, and he knows a bit too much about blood rituals, and dissection, but overall while he doesn't get along with everyone he seems fairly normal and happy.
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