Johnathan-Joseph McCarty 'Jo Jo'

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Johnathan-Joseph McCarty 'Jo Jo'

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Name: Johnathan-Joseph McCarty 'Jo Jo'
Skills:Enchanting ,spray paint art, woodcarving,sowing,knitting, decoration and design, general crafts , water color painting , portraits,item enchantments ,crafting said items, good marksman, good in a fight
Magic: No spells he cast make a sound , nor do the bullets he fires from his guns, some believe this to be a psychosomatic side effect of his muteness
Appearance: Tall, slender but toned, pianists fingers, pale skin , piercing grey eyes , wild platinum blonde hair in a permanent bed head,somehow manages to pull it off , unkempt  beauty, pale pink scar along his throat.

Background: Johnathan-Joseph McCarty , or as he's known in the coven 'Jo Jo' is the eldest child of Morgan McCarty , leader of the Richmond Coven and patriarch of Clan McCarty.  As the son of a highly regarded coven leader he'd always been watched , everyone expecting him to grow up to be a great witch and leader like his father , an incredible orator who commanded respect through powerful speeches and natural charisma. As the heir apparent to the renowned Clan McCarty he had even more attention on him , attention that he'd never wanted...attention that would do him harm. For his father had many enemies, more than he had friends , and they would seek to bring him down anyway they could , even if it meant harming his children.

                   A few days after Jo Jo's eleventh birthday they came. A demon in the dead of night , ordered to take the boy hostage , and if he was caught kill the child to send a message. The demon seized him up from his bed through his room window and tried to flee the grounds of the manor, never before and never after would Morgan McCarty regret the strength of the wards he'd laid around the house. For as soon as the demon had entered the grounds the old witch had been made aware and as he cornered the demon in the manor woods , magical barrier preventing the demon from leaving , the beast slit the boy's throat with a claw. There is nothing more terrifying than feeling the air rush from your bleeding throat as you drop to the ground, your father screaming out your name in rage and horror. The demon turned to ash in what felt like a blink, but Jo didn't notice, he was too busy trying to stop the blood rushing from his throat with his hands. Luck and the great healing skill of his mother was the only thing that saved him, for demon wounds bear deadly foul magic and if he'd simply gone to the hospital he'd have died. Yet perhaps by some curse, the attack took a grievous toll , he couldn't speak anymore.

                 Remembering those dark days following the attack isn't something Johnathan likes to do, to remember the deep sadness, the night terrors. Constant mages of his sobbing father trying to staunch the blood running down his throat, the demon looking through his window, the frustration that came with having to learn sign language. The pitying looks from all the adults in the coven, the confused stares of his friends...he grew withdrawn, staying mostly in his room, painting,carving trying to do something to get his mind off of it all. But then one day, after his father and many of the other grown ups had left the house, they returned with a little boy...four years younger than him. The boy's name was Jacob, and they were to be brothers from then on out. When he tried to ask where the boy came from he got little answers, only that Jacob had needed help and a family and they were going to give both to him. It was awkward at first, and Jo will admit that initially he didn't warm up to the kid, but eventually they grew to accept each other and slowly became real family.

                  And as they grew they learned that the pair complimented each other's strengths. Johnathan tempered his little brother's impulsive streak and penchant for mouthing off, and Jacob brought Jo out of his shell. Jacob was Johnathan's voice of sorts, whenever the other kids their age picked on him he'd tell them off with a hail of insults and curses that would make a sailor proud. And when Jake got into fights he couldn't handle Jo would beat the hell out of whoever it was and take the beatings if he couldn't . As such it makes sense that today they make a rather excellent team when it comes to coven work.Jacob taking the lead as the spell-caster and leader in the field , while John became a skilled enchanter and marksman.

                Together the two have come to make something of a name of themselves within the coven, not that John really cares. In his spare time he spends quite a lot of time crafting or creating whatever passes his fancy with his arsenal of crafting tools , whether that be an enchanted sword or just a really nice pair of shoes. Otherwise he mostly hangs out with his family an small group of friends , goes on nature walks and trains. Over all he's gone a long way from that withdrawn little boy hiding in his room, and with his brother at his side and the respect of his friends and colleagues he feels like despite the fact that he can't talk..he still has a voice.

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