Malvozan the Cold Breathed Demon

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Malvozan the Cold Breathed Demon

Post by Koyu on Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:30 pm

Name: Malvozan
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Skills: Hunting, running, hiding, climbing (even on a ceiling).
Magic: Breathes a blue flame of cold, as the flames spread they freeze instead of burn things into ash.
Appearance: Dark blue skin, humanoid like body, size of a young adult, head resembles that of a snake with 4 yellow eyes, strong arms with long sharp white claws on them but has smaller set of arms coming under them, a long reptilian like tail, sharp spines going down from its head all the way to its tail, strong back legs with 3 toes and white claws.
Background: Living in the demon world, protecting its icy territory from other demons, but once a stronger demon came and chased it out of its home it started to wander in search of a new home until it found way to get to the human world. Not really knowing where it was going, it squeezed through the veil and plopped there in some large human settlement at a back alley and proceeds to search for a home until it eventually settles in the sewers, what can go wrong having a mediocre demon that can freeze things inside a sewer?

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