Koji of The Spirit Arm.

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Koji of The Spirit Arm.

Post by Cthulhu on Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:21 pm

Name:Koji of the Wooden Arm
Age: 18
Mage: yes , wood mage
Appearance:Koji is shorter than average at 5'6 , with warm bronze skin , an athletic toned build from many hours of training and white short cut hair . He has a cute boyish look to him with noticeable lips, freckles  , a small nose and eyes that are an unnatural emerald shade of green. Despite this the most noticeable thing about him is the feature he tries to hide the most , his left arm from the shoulder down is made completely of living oak wood , it's shape constantly changing depending on his emotional state . He often tries to hide it by wearing cloaks or ponchos .
Background: Koji had been told from a young age not to wander far into the woods , to step cautiously beneath the great towering trees of the never ending woods. For the wood a mind of its own , twisted and old beyond memory , and set in it's own strange ways . It would take those who wandered carelessly , who delved too deep in it's secrets and it would change them. They'd come back gibbering half-mad , if they ever did...changed by the forest . He never believed those old stories , he was sure the old man told him them simply to scare him , to keep him well behaved and in sight.

 Koji was like many children his age , adventurous and very much convinced of his own invincibility . Against his grandpa's wishes he'd  go frolicking away into the woods surrounding their cottage , seeking out 'lost treasure's and 'deadly monsters' . Often coming home hours later with a smile on his face , mud on his shoes and bruises on his arms . Angered at his disobedience the old man would get mad and reprimand him something fierce than feed him supper and send him to bed...It was a good life ,simple and warm as any child's should be ...yet childhood is destined to be temporary , and Koji was no exception .

 As the years passed the snot-nosed child grew into a strapping young lad , a skilled woodsman who could climb trees like a squirrel , shoot like an elf , and swim like a salmon , or so he would say. The childhood curiosity had given way to a genuine thirst for adventure and he began to plan for the day he'd go on a great question (as all heroes must) and join one of the great guilds. Yet the old man had been a treasure Hunter in his day and didnt want the boy to follow such a dangerous path. Yet there was no stopping Koji's wanderlust , soon his journey's ranged out farther and farther , hours turned into days and days turned into the weeks. Instead of bruises he'd return with a deer he'd killed or a some old magic scroll he'd found . The old man didn't like it but knew that with the coming of the boy's sixteenth year there was little he'd be able to do. With that in mind he began to train him so that if he truly was to follow that path he'd survive . And so as Koji went on another of his trips he simply sighed , gave him a pack of supplies and bade him to come back within a day or two.

Koji didn't return , not for three weeks , fearing the worst the old man set off to track down Koji to save the boy he had raised. It took him many days , his heart almost falling to despair as the forest played tricks on his mind , twisting and turning to make tracking impossible...yet one night he heard a low pained groan echoing from the woods as he sat near his fire 'Help...heeelp'  He knew that voice , rushing off towards the sound he found Koji trapped seemingly in the limb like roots of an old twisted oak tree , the wood twisting into the boy's arm and slowly twisting him into a tree spirit. If it reached his heart Koji would be turned forever, this was a spirit tree and neither axe nor torch would save Koji , but one thing would. So as the boy begged him not to he made a deal with the old spirit , his life was nearing it's end while the boys was in the beginning , so in exchange for the boy's life he gave his own.

 The tree accepted , and soon it's terrible vine-like tendrils began to drag the old man down , down beneath the grasp where the tree would hold him forever. And as a deadly reminder the wood around Koji's arm consumed it entirely . Tears streaming down his face Koji tried to help ,but the deal was done  , yet as the old man sunk he gave words of reassurance. As he took his last breaths , body sinking in more and more "Do not let this mar your dream ,live merrily , eat well ,drink deep and fight hard...and hey , try not to get lost in the woods again." Then there was only the wind and the sound of the birds , and the tree went back to slumber

For many weeks Koji mourned his loss ,he was alone, he would never speak with the old man again , nor sit by the fire and eat venison and duck , he was gone...forever. Yet as he sat alone in the cabin, grieving over the loss of the only parent he had ever had the old man's words echoed in his heart , 'Do not let this mar your dream.' He wouldn't want Koji to mourn , to lie sulking in a cabin in the woods when there were lands to explore and adventures to have. No Koji suspected that if the old man could see him now he'd have given him quite the sharp reprimand . And so it was that with a wistful smile he packed his bags , and left their little cottage...he never came back.
Special Items: Pitch , an old mysterious jet black sword his grandfather kept on him at all times , Woodsman's cloak: An enchanted cloak that allows the wearer to seem near invisible when they wish .

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