Elemental Wastes Background

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Elemental Wastes Background

Post by Cthulhu on Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:03 am

It has been millennia since it ended...the world that is , burned by atomic fire , frozen and choked with ashen winter , civilization completely collapsing and humans almost falling to extinction ...The world grew quiet for a time after the fires died down and the lights went out, those who survived slinking off into the wilds , abandoning the ruins of what once was. As it was millennia ago Earth became a strange primal place as memories of old earth faded , and eventually were lost from memory. For with each passing year it resembled less and less than that of their ancestors, for old forces were awakening. The Elements had always been around , the primordial near-sentient forces that stirred in the very land , under the yoke of those who came before they had grown tame , and slumbered the ancient powers fading and growing mundane as all magic had. Yet with the collapse this was broken ,the old powers were returned and set to work shaping the Earth as they saw fit. Great forests twisted and towered over valleys as the old Wood awoke from it's slumber , volcanoes bubbled and burst as Fire's power erupted,and great beasts long forgotten wandered the face of the Earth once more. Magic was back, and it wouldn't be tamed this time.

Yet while this was happening mankind did not fade away , though the tales of their ancestors grew more and more into myth and tall tale they began to adapt to this rugged fantastical world and build new civilization. Deep inside the Neverend Woods within the Life Tree humans made a city, their outposts springing up all throughout the towering woods of Nature. In the lava plains of the realm of fire ,mortals used the mineral rich ash to tend to their farms. Hounded by the new found danger that the wilds posed mankind was reforged not broken and they've learned to harness both the magic once more in it's many forms. Whether harnessing the latent ki energy within every mortal , attuning to the elements , or enchanting objects with intricate spells, these powers have aided mortals well. Adventuring guilds and monster hunters explore the great mysterious wastes surrounding the cities and outposts , some falling to the dangers of the wastes others becoming the stuff of legend. And some who used to be human no longer are , new races born from magic mutating human stragglers have arrived , elves , underkin ,mermen each with their own realms and cultures.

However , all is not wonder and adventure on this new Earth and a dark power stalks the borders of the Elemental realms , seeking to consume all magic and all life ,and turn Earth to a corpse. The Rot , deadliest and darkest of the five Elements , it was this taint that drove humans to seek shelter in the Elemental Realms in the first place , for it could corrupt their very Ki and turn them into dead husks , or haggard spirits of decay a fate far worse.The lands this taint takes hold of expand slowly and quietly every day as it chips against the defenses of all that is pure in this world , and soon all will need to come together to banish it. Yet for now let us not focus on such wretched powers , for there is adventure to be had , secrets to be discovered and glory to be gained in the Elemental Wastes! Will you seek it out?

RP Details:

Races: Several different races of sentient humanoid beings exist each having their own unique culture and element they're attuned to , most living out in isolated settlements away from regular humans who sometimes shun their 'cousins'.

Elves: An isolationist and even hostile race that dwell deep in the hidden glens of the Neverend Woods , despite their surprisingly high population and well organized villages they've managed to remain mostly hidden from their human neighbors and prefer to be left alone. Elves have large sharp ears , keen eyes ,and lean frames well adjusted for living in the deep towering woods.

Underkin: Born in the realm of shadow after a human expedition was trapped and exposed to the magics of shadow , the Underkin live in sprawling colonies beneath the Earth's surface , making a living where the light never peaks through. Adapting to survive in the harsh environs of the everdark they are considered cruel and heartless by other races , yet this is only an extreme form of pragmatism. As a result underkin who wander to the surface are often shunned and seen as untrustworthy and in some more superstitious outposts may even be attacked or even killed. Underkin tend to be shorter than the average human , with glowing yellow or silver eyes , skin varying in shades of deep blue to gray, and long clawed hands.

Undine: Transformed by an ancient curse by a spirit of the water their tribe disrespected , the Undine dwell in lakes ,lagoons and seas , bodies transformed to live beneath the depths of water. Their skin turned to a deep blue , gills grew , fingers and feet became webbed and fins appeared on the backs of their legs and arms as their teeth turned to fangs to break through the scaled flesh of fish.However while most leave beneath the water, they are also capable of living on the surface if they have regular access to water.

Realm of Nature: Centered around the great Tree of life this realm of mortals found it's home in the never end woods , building their beautiful capitol in the heart of the tree , while using magics to keep it alive , often working as explorers , lumbermen and monster hunters those who live outside the city live a rustic life in the many scattered outposts that call the great wood their home.

The Realm of Fire: Inhabiting the tropical jungle mountains and ashen caverns of the Flaming Peaks , the humans who lived here scratched out a rough violent existence in the thick jungle and dangerous volcano capped mountains of this land , their physical and mystical strength allowing them to survive long enough to scrape out an existence in the deadly yet resource rich lands. Combat and the glorification of it are key to their culture and each child is trained from birth in the ways of the warrior until pubescence where they pick their own craft to pursue. Fire realmers are also renowned for being great weapon and armor smiths as the rich steel deposits of their mountain filled lands are put to good use in the forges.

Realm of Ice: To the south sits a frigid land of ice and tundra , of winter winds and barren taiga , there dwell a rough, hearty people making a living in the fjords and snow plains as monster hunters and fishermen. South-men , tall , broad and burly from hard days hunting mammoth, wyverns and bison in the perpetual snow. Separated into many different tribes and clans spread out through this harsh land , the life of the average 'southern barbarian' is short and harsh compared to those of others , excluding those who live in their few citadels. Often they'll sign on as mercenaries or go adventuring in the southland which has given rise to tales of 'Southern Barbarians'

The Golden Sea: Otherwise known as the realm of light , this sunbaked ocean of dunes and buried tombs stretches across the Eastern portion of the continent . The sun bleached dunes burning hot in the day and chilling cold at night , riding atop The waves on great sand skiffs like the Akrash , semi-nomadic tribes of pirates , merchants and explorers who spend their lives exploriong the sprawling dunes.

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