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Name: Linnea
Age: young for a fae, barely into the hundreds.
Gender: Female
Race: Fae, huldra
Personality: She either gets what she wants or you lose a body part, stubborn as all hell, yet seductive and sly. Very shallow.
Likes: Getting what she wants, pretty people, pretty things, collecting things, shiny things, people who know what they want and how to get it, confidence.
Dislikes: Being embarrassed, dogs, bad smells, ugly people, not being in control, shy people.
Skills: Manipulation, seduction, agility.
Powers: Super strength even more so than your average fae, enhanced physical condition, poison spit, empath, illusion, some control over the mind such as inducing amnesia and cause insanity, can bless an individual with luck in hunting.
Appearance: She is as beautiful as fae go, but with somewhat of a wild beauty, with warm toned skin and auburn hair she likes to curl into a halo of hair around her head. Full chest, fit strong body, great ass. She has a cow tail and a back like that of a hollowed tree; she lets no one see this unless she wants them to.
Background: She has spent the past almost century travelling the world between the human and the fae realm. Nothing tied her down; she was free as could be. All that she wanted, she took, be it material objects or other people. Sex was a need for her, just as much as food and oxygen is, and she so she finds a new mate almost every day. On occasion, of course, she will keep the one man and sleep with him countless times, until, growing bored of him, she will leave him somewhere with no memories of her yet a strong desire to see her again. Such man who has been victim of her was our very own Matt.

If she live long,
and in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters.
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