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Mutt Galloway

Post by Cthulhu on Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:42 pm

Name:Mutt Galloway (an alias)
Personality: Rash,Impulsive, Outgoing, Charismatic , Eccentric , Bad Influence, seductive, showboat,painfully achingly empty on the inside
Likes:Motorcycles , the smell of gasoline, Motley Crue , on a rather primal level breaking the rules , an audience, pretty people,adrenaline , violence, heavy metal and hard rock, ass
Dislikes: Authority figures (though he can make an exception from time to time), chocolate , cats
Skills: Gunfighting (prefers pistols), brawling, knife fighting,knife throwing , intimidation , strangely enough singing , plays a killer rhythm guitar, motorcycle driving,driving in general (has to get away from the cops rather often) , operation and upkeep , handling explosives , mechanics, good talker
Powers: Wolfshift , enhanced senses , telepathy , super strength and speed , razor sharp claws, Mutt has a rather unique ability to telepathically imprint on people, allowing to if he wishes inspire feelings of affection anger or lust in another person at his will.
Appearance: Mutt stands at average height , his hair a flaming red mane of wild unruly curls and waves , he's lean in figure with a toned fit body , long legs and slightly tan skin , he has a wolfish wild smile with heavily pronounced canines and is an unkempt kind of gorgeous. His sun-tan skin is dotted with freckles , almost clashing with his yellow alluring but predatory yellow eyes.
Background: Mutt Galloway was born not in the sterile coldness of a proper hospital room to be cradled in his mother's arms , or even the warm intimate environment of a home birth. No Mutt Galloway was born in the crusty cigarette butt covered parking lot of a Denny's to a washed up 'white trash' stripper past her prime somewhere in Arkansas. Mutt likes to think this is rather hilarious but in reality it was incredibly dangerous and if emergency services hadn't arrived sooner he'd probably have died....Although that's probably why he finds it so amusing. It shouldn't surprise the reader that Mutt's childhood wasn't exactly the most ...appropriate or...functional or ...happy , considering his mom's heroin habit and his (unknown) father's complete absence. This was only made worse by the fact that when his powers manifested during a schoolyard fight with another boy , it was revealed he was a werewolf. Already not in love with the idea of taking care of her 'useless shit son' this revelation only made his mother hate him more. Not only was he a bastard he was a goddamn inhuman  too , a 'no good useless inhuman mutt' was the exact words she yelled at him after flinging a beer bottle at his feet on his 12th birthday. Rather unsatisfied with his mother's less than ideal parental skills and figuring he could do better on his own , Mutt ran packed his bag (his personal belongings all fit in one) and ran away....It didn't exactly get better from there.

 For a while Mutt moved from place to place , avoiding cops , begging for change ,stealing and so on but then he realized something. As an un IDed supernatural Mutt was technically committing a crime just by existing, so it was inevitable he fell in with a bad crowd...or more the bad crowd fell in with him.Mutt was effortlessly charismatic,handsome , rebellious and had the grit to back it up , and soon he found himself gathering a little following of other delinquents on the road. It wasn't long before he had a bit of a gang going on , recruited from other lowlifes , ne'erdowells and runaways he found through his journey, they called themselves The Lost Boys. How very original I know but to be fair they were all 15 and high of swisher sweet at the time so. Regardless things turned ever harder for the worst when ,fleeing from a failed strip mall robbery spree , Mutt and his gang got in a shoot out with the police. Realizing there were several Un-IDed inhumans in the gang the cops called the local hunter division....that's when things got ugly. That day changed Mutt , changed him from the low life punk that he had been before , pushed him towards being the cold blooded killer , the outlaw...he was destined to be. Because he was the only one of the Lost Boys to make it our alive.

 Now a wanted dangerous Inhuman criminal on the run Mutt fully embraced his role as an outlaw , deciding that at that point he couldn't go back anymore , it wasn't petty thefts and carjackings any more , now it was bank robberies and grand theft auto. Slowly the name Mutt Galloway rose up in infamy in the supernatural underground as he made his way to the west coast. In L.A he stole 20'000, in Portland 40 Grand , with each score he grew more and more notorious until he began to live up to the name of Modern Age Outlaw.Mutt truly became lost ,alone and adrift out in a cruel world and growing cruel himself. His life was adrenaline and sex and gunfire...but after so long it's begun to feel empty , and he begins to long something more out of it all. Now he lays low in Washington ,needing time to ponder and scope out his next big score.

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