the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe

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the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe

Post by KiloSasha on Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:38 pm

Name: the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe, Una
Age: Long forgotten
Gender: Female
Race: Fae
Personality: Even temperament, kind hearted, benevolent yet takes no shit. She is an aggressive perfectionist, however; if something is not perfect she will not stand for it.
Likes: Animals, winning, perfection,
Dislikes: Imperfection (such as silver arms), unnecessary waste of potential, adultery,
Skills: Stealth, combat, magic, leadership, singing, dancing, playing the harp.
Powers: Control silver, communication with animals, illusions, nature manipulation, foresee disaster, shapeshifting, possession, spit poison, enhanced physical condition, misdirection, super strength, healing, move within shadows, teleportation.
Appearance: Una was known as the most beautiful of the Goddesses in her golden days, and for good reason. Her appearance is one that can only be described as perfection, for the fae are fierce perfectionists. She has high cheekbones, full lips and iridescent eyes whose colour seems to shift between hues depending on the light. Her silky golden hair, long enough to touch the floor, has been tied in intricate braids that have all been braided together into one that just reaches her heels. No mortal can look at her without being awed and amazed. Her true form is more ethereally beautiful, robed in gossamer and dew, with iridescent wings reminiscent of a dragon fly.
Background: Una came from a land far away, whose name is long forgotten. She landed in Ireland in smoke and mist, which brought darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. A warrior in her own right even then, she fought many battles, against the Fir Bolg, the Femorians, and the Milesians. In the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh, she lost her arm, which was replaced with an arm of silver by the infamous healer, Dian Cecht. She was defeated in the third battle of the Magh Tuireadh, for after calling forth a storm to drive away the Milesians, the mage on their ship calmed it; she was thus defeated at Tailtiu. Her and her people were chased to the Otherworld, where they soon thrived in its chaotic environment, only making their way to the human world on occasion. For many years, she thrived below alongside her unfaithful husband, Finnvara, protecting and hording the four treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and offering the tithe to Hell every 9 years. But they each grew placate, merely shadows of their former warrior selves. It opened the perfect opportunity for her sister,  Ériu, to trick them both, slay Finnvara and try to slay Una. Una fled the Otherworld on the border of the seasons injured, managing to smuggle out one of the treasures, the Claiomh Solais, and found herself not in Ireland, but in America. There, she was helped by another fae, and they both made the fae bar, Tuatha de Danann. In the mean time, she grows stronger and more powerful, bringing more fae to her side as she strengthens her magic and her fighting skills on criminal humans, so eventually she can retake her throne.

If she live long,
and in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters.
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