Cerys Jasmine Hudson

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Cerys Jasmine Hudson

Post by Apolexius on Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:10 pm

Name: Cerys Jasmine Hudson
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Mage
Personality: Often thinks things about before going about executing them but plans are often on the wild side anyway. Instead of kicking the door down straight away, she'd rather break a couple windows to see if anyones home, then maybe burn it down just to be sure. Likes to taunt people, but never means any harm, just tries to joke around. Might be seen as slightly tomboyish, punching others with affection etc.
Likes: Computers, Adventure, being in a group, animals (especially birds), photography
Dislikes: Any form of fine art ever, thinks it's a waste of time. Has a weird instinctive hate against Faes. As decent as she may be, she hates doing anything that could be categorised as exercise.
Skills: Fairly athletic, so can do anything requiring good physique. Excels at manipulating air. Skilled at working with computers, hence working in the computing industry.
Powers: Spell Casting, Alchemy, Enchantment
Appearance: Long, black hair with dark brown tips. Hazel eyes with purple flecks. Not quite skinny, but a fairly slim figure, slightly heavy around the chest Wink Fair skin, but very  
Background: Both parents were just regular mages, not known for anything particular. Has been passing as a regular human since birth. Moved from Britain to Washington for a job offer in Computing and still loves it. Mostly self taught in magic due to not being very popular has a child, and has always hated being alone and so tries to always be around people, sometimes being too wanting. She has a job of managing a network for a mortal company but she basically gets peanuts and so has resorted to making amateur-level enchanted weapons which she then sells.
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