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Caydren Fal

Post by Cthulhu on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:15 pm

Name:Caydren Fal
Personality:Calm ,collected,horndog ,seductive , protective of his bar , coworkers and clients , very loving and tender when you get to know him, otherwise comes off a bit aloof
Likes: Tequila , one night stands , 70's classic british rock, motorcycles, pretty girls , pretty boys, vampires , a mystery,
Dislikes: Being ignored,authority, humans
Skills: Mixing drinks, cleaning (to an actually rather impressive degree), Seduction, reading people, knife fighting , hand to hand combat, using a shotgun
Powers: Cay is a natural Empath, can intuitively predict disaster, turn invisible and shape shift to look like any person he sees, as well as cast glamour and mind wipe spells (for humans who stumble on the bar)
Appearance: Caydren is a tall  stunningly handsome fay with sharp angular features that catch the eye , deep purple skin (when not in glamour) , sea blue intense eyes , sharp ears ,several earrings , and a few eyebrow and lip piercings. He has the lean but toned body of a male model and the seductive air of a rock star.He has high cheekbones, a sparkly white smile with pronounced canines , a sharp slim nose , and well groomed silver hair.The luscious silver locks being shaved at the sides and parted in classy fashion at the top. The entirety of his right arm is covered in an intricate intense tattooed sleeve. He dresses well , preferring sharp suit vests and slacks when on the job , but is far more casual in every day life. When he takes on human glamour he takes on the appearance of a handsome blonde male.
Background: A long tenured bartender at the notorious Tautha du Danann bar and tavern, Caydren is a fae of many secrets having lived and loved for a little over two hundred years And through that time he's learned to keep his past , and especially his secrets to himself.

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