Aiden Mercer

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Aiden Mercer

Post by Koyu on Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:02 am

Name: Aiden Mercer
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Personality: Can be a bit timid at times, parental, hard working, stickler to rules.
Likes: Good food, little brother, cooking, reading.
Dislikes: Being late, bananas, lying, disorganization.
Skills: Cooking, cleaning, climbing, gardening.
Powers: Enhanced strength, red and blackish hellflame manipulation, demon form.
Appearance: Light skin color, slim body, short spiky bright red hair, orange eyes, good looking.
Background: An orphan living at a orphanage most of his life, there he met a boy younger than him named Thomas and got to know him, they first were like friends but their bond was more akin to siblings and Aiden often talks about Thomas as his brother despite not sharing the same blood. When Aiden was ready to step out of the orphanage, he took Thomas with him as he did not want to leave him behind. Thomas is now 12 as Aiden is 18 years old, Aiden takes care of him like a parent would making sure the younger one goes to school in time and eats healthy. With that Aiden works as a cook in a small restaurant, life is pretty boring and simple to him right now as he doesn't know that he is in fact a demon instead of a human so he is in for a surprise...

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