Erin storm High wizard

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Erin storm High wizard

Post by The Lord Regent on Fri May 04, 2018 10:08 pm

Name: Erin Storm
Age: 2021
Gender: Male
Supernatural type: Semi divine pure blooded wizard known as a "High wizard"
Likes: Evil towers, magic, screwing with people, borrowing things without asking, showing off, Revenge (especially the petty kind), shadowy robes, convoluted plans, simple but brutal plans, throwing caution and plans to the wind and winging it, torture (both torturing and being tortured), ancient artifacts of terrible and treacherous power, dogs
Dislikes: Taking things seriously, people taking themselves seriously, pandas, responsibility, people talking about responsibility, people who think they are better than him, sushi.
Quirks: Where he travels chaos follows, Is responsible for several infamous historical disasters
Appearance: Looks extremely young for his age, maybe eighteen; with messy brown hair, light skin, and alluring green eyes,rather skinny as well.
Portal creation
Limited Cosmokinesis
Reforms if destroyed
Spell casting
Limited Chronomancy

Skills: Quick thinking, magic obviously, fleeing, great reflexes, reading people, putting plans together, piloting various vehicles
Background: The short of it is he was born a human in a whore house in another dimension; in his teens a demon known as Rayth made him into a wizard; since then he has helped defeat a mad scientist who engineered sentient carnivorous jam, a red handed angel, and all the forces of heaven and hell, saw all his friends die, became a god for a little bit, picked a fight with the mad god and lost; at which point the mad god took his place and identity, imprisoning him in the void from which he was forced to watch.
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