Victoria Edenbach

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Victoria Edenbach

Post by Cthulhu on Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:27 pm

Name:Victoria Edenbach
Supernatural type: Wizard strangely enough
Likes: Her little brother , Candy , her grandma (grammy's hardcore in her book) , Greek sculpture ,salmon on a bagel , alone time , the woods , animals, studying, tattoos
Dislikes:Her meds , her parents, her parents making her take her meds ,large loud crowds , extensive social interaction, puns ,driving , boredom, smoking (despite this is addicted to cigarettes )
Quirks:Closeted pervert , gym freak,
Appearance:Vicky stands at 5'6 , and has smooth pale skin which is broken by tattoos on her arms , her body is toned from extensive exercise but not exactly bulky , she has a sizable bust and slightly broad shoulders for a woman , her hair is dark black and kept in a curly stylish pixie cut , her lips while full are pierced ,and her eyes are an intense dark volcanic blue. If one was to describe her the terms intense , mysterious and focused are sure to pop up.
Powers:As a Monster Slaying Wizard her spells are a bit different from her brothers and focus on a physical based offense ,her powers include.

* Phantom Armor Conjuring
*Summoning of  phantom blades
* Summoning of phantom guns
*Monster Channel: Using the possessed soul of a dead monster , Vicky can channel a monster's abilities for a time , gaining it's respective powers to aid her in a fight , her current monster souls include , Fire Drake ,  Kelpi , Banshee, Harpy , and Troll.
*Summoning of familiar: Vicky can summon her familiar Ourobouros to aid her in a fight but rarely does so .
*Elemental Channeling : As a way of compensating for her lack of skill in direct casts Vicky can use her body to channel the elements of fire and lightning to boost physical attacks.
* Counter Magic: Due to a lack of skill in direct casts Victoria has placed a lot of effort into her ability with wards , being an expert at dispelling and defending against most physical magics.

Skills:Victoria is an exceptional Monster Hunter Wizard and as such her skills include a mastery of , hand to hand combat , swordsmanship , marksmanship , tactical thought , tracking , wilderness survival , stealth , counter magic and making coffee.
  Victoria Edenbach is the goddamn best ...period , and if there's something she's not the best at she aims to conquer it .This was a neccessity when one lived under a family as demanding and ruthless as hers, when one spends their childhood as a footnote. From a young age it was clear that her proclivities were not towards the spells and casts of most wizards or the potions and experiments of alchemy. Her parents , perceiving her as a failure and a burden , never really attempted to train her to get better as their other children and relatives were prodigies in comparison. A mere child she was , unaware of why they didn't love her , why they didn't bother to train her nearly as much as her little brother , why they ignored her when she spoke to them. She felt for many years as though she'd done something wrong , that it was her fault they didn't care for her, why they forgot her birthdays and ignored her achievements in school. As hard as she tried to be the best that she could their favor would never turn to her as long as she didn't have magic on her side . The best she'd get were back handed compliments when they compared her grades to James 'see James , even your sister has all A's why can't you?'

Knowing she was no good with casts she sunk herself as hard as she could into the only magic that really made sense to her , Battle Magic , and...and it seemed to work.Because she excelled , her discipline and raw work ethic granting her abilities seemingly far beyond her years , she could summon a full suit of armor and go toe to toe with a Minotaur by the time she was thirteen. Finally she felt like there was something she was good at , finally they began to notice her , in the clash of flaming steel and the adrenaline of a fight she had found herself. And suddenly she found she didn't care nearly as much what they thought , the feeling she got after a good workout , the triumph of slaying a beast was more than enough for her and soon her meek shy shell had cracked. By the time she was 17 she was confident , powerful and more than sick of dealing with her families bullshit , she kicked down the door and made her way out into the wide world ready to prove once more that Victoria Edenbach, is the goddamn best.

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Re: Victoria Edenbach

Post by The Lord Regent on Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:31 pm

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