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James the witch

Post by The Lord Regent on Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:13 pm

Name: James
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Supernatural type: Witch (term that can apply to any spell caster that is not a mage at all or sufficiently impure)
Likes: When a plan comes together,A good prank, sweets, BBQ, Lying, The ladies, Upstaging his older sister, magic, stealing things, joking around making people laugh and all that, showing off
Dislikes: Getting caught, Most food that is naturally green, dramas, people taking things seriously, losing, soul harvesting

Quirks: Exceedingly lazy, Takes very little seriously
Appearance: Average height, fair skin, messy black hair, green eyes
Spell casting (with catalyst like wand or staff)
Superhuman reflexes: (Can react far faster than any human)
Necromancy: (This James has a talent for)
Enchanting: James's skill at enchanting could be described as mediocre but he has mastered a few useful ones, and a few trickery related ones)

Skills: Fighting dirty, sneaking around, brewing harmful but non lethal potions and antidotes,Magic Dueling, Running away, lying
Background: James is from one of those witch families that could charritibly be described as rather shady, and uncharitably be described as a great evil lurking in the ancient estate outside of town for centuries. Some say they have been here; performing their ancient blood rites to summon beasts and demons to strike fear into the hearts of the weak and scour the world of all those who oppose them before the town even existed. James himself isn’t really into the family business, and is a fine upstanding teen… well he’s actually a habitual liar, thief, and con artist, but relatively speaking that’s not so bad. He’s not the most powerful mage in his family (in fact some would say he is one of the least), but he’s still fairly powerful by most standards; his spell repertoire is not exactly vast, but he knows more than a few, and is quite a notably quick on the draw and his casting has a level of finesse well suited to dueling; something he tends to avoid when possible. He’s pretty smart, but also pretty lazy when doing things he doesn’t consider to be fun, and thus in addition to being a petty criminal, he’s a complete underachiever in matters of school and work.
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