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Matthew steel

Post by The Lord Regent on Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:50 pm

Name: Matthew Steel
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Supernatural type: Skinwalker
Likes: The ladies, Training, Burgers, Comic books, Video games, Guns, Knives, Relaxing
Dislikes: Cleaning things, Tofu, Collectivism, Jack Thompson, EA, Loot boxes, Gun control, Use of power for evil

Quirks: Seems to be a stone cold badass but underneath it all is a giant nerd, is literally a magic hobo

Appearance: Fair skin, short brown hair, Perfectly sculpted muscular body, Icy blue eyes, Ruggedly handsome face.
Shape shifting: Matthew possesses the power to take the form of most natural animals
Witchcraft: As a skinwalker his magic is a good deal less powerful than a normal wizard (aside from the shapeshifting) but he can cast a few spell, brew a few potions, and has a good understanding of how magic works.
Regeneration: Skinwalkers are very hard to put down permanently, you can cut off their legs and they will be up and running again within the week
Skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, very good with a gun, familiar with many kinds of magical phenomena, parkour, Driving, speaks English, Norwegian, Latin, and chinese.
Background: Matthew was born among a family of malevolent shape changing witches known as skin changers, but when he was four years old his family was brought down by the legendary Scandinavian hunter Jurgen Steel. As Mathew was a young child at the time Jurgen instead of slaying him, adopted him; seeing in the lad both innocence, and a potential weapon against the monsters of the future, after all who better to hunt down evil than one of its own beasts turned to the light.

Matt’s life growing up was one of discipline and constant training and being dragged around most of the civilized and uncivilized world by his father, he didn’t mind; from the study of magic, to the firearms drills, to the physical exercise, he enjoyed it all. His adopted father was somewhat cold, not because he didn’t love his son, but because he wanted the young Matthew to learn self reliance. Matthew participated in his first hunts at the age of thirteen, while both he and his father were quite skilled at dispatching enemies it was always clear that Matthew was a hammer and not a scalpel, while he was intelligent he lacked the observational skills to be much of an investigator, nor was he very good at coercing information out of people of interest, but his talents did show when it came time to eliminate a target, and when dealing with magic that would otherwise impede a hunter’s investigation.

Eventually His father got too old for the hunting business and as of a few months ago became one of the few to retire, this left matthew fairly lost trying to handle hunting on his own, he’s had a few cases he’s been working on though he’s found the investigation phase almost always leaved him stumped, and running from dead end to dead end, in addition as a scam artist he isn’t great and has been resulting to more blatant thievery to stay on his feet.

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