Bartholomew Garcia Perez Candie (wip)

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Bartholomew Garcia Perez Candie (wip)

Post by Cthulhu on Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:49 pm

Name:Bartolomé 'Candy' Candie
Supernatural type: Fey (near pure blooded)

  • Cooking , since a very young age
  • Getting to perform whether it's singing , playing or dancing
  • Dogs , he adores them
  • His pet parrot Plato
  • His family , even though he annoys them and vice versa
  • A good prank 
  • Guys with thicc thighs.


  • Bullying of about any kind
  • The Musician Pitbull (considers him a shame on Latins everywhere)
  • Isolation , Candy is a deeply social animal and loves the noise and chaos of being around people .
  • Lying , even though he's been doing it for three years , after all people think he likes girls.

Quirks: Candy is Candy after all, this is what he does.

  • He tends to get emotionally attached to people very quickly , especially if he finds them attractive whether physically or emotionally
  • He tends to not know when to shut up , or perhaps just has enough balls not to care
  • He's an excellent liar but hates doing it 
  • Is a closeted big gay boy
  • Is a very tactile person and it shows

Appearance: Candy is a heavily mixed male of Afro-Cuban/meztizo decent , he's slightly below average height with warm bronze skin dancing with brown constellations of freckles and a lean but fit figure (though not buff by any stretch of the word) with long toned legs  , he has doe brown eyes and boyish  facial features with pronounced lips and slightly pointed ears,his hair is normally cut short in a  buzz cut or fade and he often dyes it , and he has stud earrings in each ear.

-Light Control: Candy can produce and control his own magically generated light , and can use it to illuminate , stun , blind or burn, or make small constructs.
-Size control: He can shrink down to around the size of a hummingbird 
-Flight: At that size he can produce bee like winds and fly
-Healing : Though he's inexperienced with it Candy can use his fey magics to heal another person though it drains him.
- Sharp Ears : He has an instinctual sense of when he's being deceived or lied to .

Skills: Candy is an exceptionally talented musician to the point of prodigy though he's mostly self taught , about the same deal with singing and dance , pretty sneaky , persuasive , pragmatic fighter, has a natural talent for reading people.

Background: Noise...noise and chaos have been the life of Bartholomew Candie since as far back as he can remember , but not a bad chaos , the warm buzz of family members zooming around the house for errands , of his cousins playing on their guitars and fiddles , of the dogs barking and the old women yelling prayers in Spanish. The chaos of the Perez-Candie household molded him , a middle  child out of seven kids , the third youngest and fourth eldest. His senses became used to dealing with shock and awe and the everyday panics , and he learned how to stick out in all of it whether for good or bad. After all as a middle child he often felt ignored , not unloved , simply ignored in the daily hysteria of the house , unimportant in the big picture , a secondary interest if you will. He was meek in school , quiet and unassuming , not helped by his bad grades.

  That all changed when he learned to play the guitar , his fingers strumming the keys with all the grace of an dancer. It felt amazing the fire that ran through him as he sang and played , the watching eyes of those around him, he suddenly felt very much important , he felt like the star of the show..the one everyone was looking at. It was amazing  , a high he swore he'd never stop feeling one that changed who he was very quickly. As his family members swept on him , wowed by his quickly trained talents , he knew his time ignored had ended for good. Soon he was taking lessons on guitar , piano , violin ,accordion, singing , dance .The shy boy in the corner of the class didn't exist anymore , he didn't simply watch the buzz of noise from the side lines , he was the noise. Soon enough he was making friends by the bucket load , people were charmed by his formerly silent wit and his new found boldness. 

 That was around the time he figured out he was attracted to the other boys. With all of his new found popularity the other boys in the class wanted to hang out with him for the first time and he wasn't going to say no. Yet it was one in particular that made him realize it, not because he had nice hair or good looks or even any kind of smooth charm. He was lanky and awkward looking, with messy hair that never seemed combed and a near constant devious grin on his face, but everything he said made Candy laugh or put butterflies in his stomach. He was too scared though , too scared to tell him what he felt , it was middle school he couldn't exactly go telling the other boys he was gay they'd all abandon him. Even if it worked what did he think would happen , would they just get together? He decided to ignore it , and eventually the feelings faded away all together , James was just his best friend and he was satisfied with that. Things for a time had been good , and the rest of his middle school days were filled with fun memories of pulling pranks on teachers , wingmanning James horrid attempts at flirting , or spending the afternoon at Candy's playing street fighter.

Highschool had been much the same for quite a time , until the start of the current year , when something strange began to happen ...Candy's fey powers , which he had thought latent or even non-existent until then had finally begun manifesting. Each fey had an element they attuned with and could control , Fire , Water, Wood, or even Wind...but Candy had none of those , he had something that hadn't been seen in years Light. When he clapped his hands together he could cause a bang like a firecracker , he could light up a room with a thought , or burn everything around him in a flare. Few fey ever manifested the power of light , and those that did were referred to as Everstars  , paragons who were supposed to be destined for greatness. Hey who passed beyond the normal quiet life of their kind , each holding the same glow within them that Candy does. Each facing off against the great evils of their day ,whether through combat or other means . And though Candy isn't sure where this is going to go , he's already used to noise panic and chaos , and greatness? He's pretty sure he's been achieving that since the day he was born.

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Re: Bartholomew Garcia Perez Candie (wip)

Post by The Lord Regent on Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:13 am

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