The Ancient Azazal

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The Ancient Azazal

Post by Miss Pepsi on Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:58 pm

Name: Azazal Nightsong
Age: Ancient
Gender: Male
Supernatural type: Pure-blooded demon
~ The smell of blood
~ Working out (you know - lifting weights)
~ Chocolate
~ Having HIS way
~ Compliments (mostly on his toned body)
~ Fast food

~ Losing
~ Getting wounded
~ Not getting what he wants
~ Annoying kids/pushy adults
~ His past
~ Knowing how he died

~ STRONGLY dislikes the smell of garlic, yet likes Italian food
~ Fears his own death 24/7
~ Loves the color orange, red, and yellow but for some reason hates the color of his eyes (they're red)

Appearance: Azazal is a 6' 4" tall muscular man with huge pecks and six pack of abs. He has a 15 shoe size and dark brown hair - his eyes are blood-red. He had black bat-like wings upon his back and he has tiny horns upon his head that are barely noticeable, as they hide under his luscious head of hair. He has divine cheek bones and a handsome face that could make just about any girl swoon (as if his muscles didn't already)
Shadow Weapons: Can forge weapons using the air around him and make any sort of weapon out of darkness imaginable. They are sturdy enough to take a bunch of hits but if Azazal is to be knocked unconscienced, the weapon(s) made will promptly fade away like smoke.
Confusion: Can mentally make a person hallucinate for hours at a time in order to allow Azazal to flee or to use it as an advantage to get the final blow delivered. This power can only be used 5 times a day and it drains Azazal of his stamina, making him pant.
Shadow Orbs: Similar to fireballs, black orbs will float in the air around Azazal and serve as protection and defense - touching one will send someone into a blazing inferno as it burns whoever comes into contact with the orbs. Azazal can summon 10 of them at once and they move INDIDENDENTLY of each other.
Mind Reader: Azazal can read minds to see if this person means well or if it's time for him to flee. This power is rarely used as it causes Azazal to collapse and stay too weak to stand for several minutes and such a thing would mean he couldn't escape if the person he uses it on doesn't mean well. It is technically a useless power in a way if Azazal wants to use it to see if he should flee, but by using it, disables him to do so.
Demon Goop: Can create worm-like creatures made of black goo and can use them to track someone down. They are sentient beings and so can move and think for themselves, but they are easily scared and easily killed. They serve no purpose but to show Azazal which way a specific person has gone. Azazal can track them mentally even if they're miles from where he currently is and he can sense if all of them were killed. They DO NOT need to use something of the person they're going to track to find them, they automatically know the scent once they are created.
Lost Souls: Azazal can absorb souls to become stronger and to learn more powers. This power can be used unlimitedly.
Lightning: Self-explanatory. Azazal can shoot powerful lightning bolts at enemies that either kill them or put them into a paralysis state.
Healing: Can heal wounds (other than broken bones) with a single touch. Energy taking varies depending on how badly the wound healed was.
~ Can shoot any firearm
~ Can use anything with a blade
~ Excellent tracker
~ Good communication skills (when he wants to be)
~ Obedient and loyal to masters
~ Good sense of humor


Azazal was just recently resurrected by the corrupted God and found himself becoming an agent/assassin under the work of said god. He encountered Nicolai and his past-life's lover Morningstar (Lu) and is now trapped inside Nicolai's body as a slave.

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Re: The Ancient Azazal

Post by The Lord Regent on Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:03 pm

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