Citra of the Chaggerta

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Citra of the Chaggerta

Post by Cthulhu on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:16 pm

Name: Citra 
Age: 56 (around 20 physically)
Occupation: Warrior monk

Facial Features: blue skin, agular attractive features with pronounced cheekbones , a jagged red scar running over her intact left eye , thick eyebrows, two small golden horns at her temples
Eye Color:golden
Hair:pure white and often in a braided ponytail, sides shaved
Body type: She is athletically built with a very toned body , particularly her arms, torso and legs 
Distinctive features: the scar , a monks pentagram tattoo on her forehead

Background: A wandering lone blademaster of the chaggerta , quite the odd occurence indeed. She searches for the lost city of Karakol believing that within it's mythical walls there is a secret that will bring her the answers she craves. As such she now heads towards undead territory  hoping to find someone old enough to guide her there , as the legends say only the undead are old enough to remember the great city's location , hidden somewhere in the sea of steppe.
Skills: hand to hand martial arts, melee weaponry ,meditation ,healing , good counsel

Four Blades of Kshatriya: Citra's four enchanted Kris' blades , each made by her of special blessed iron and used for disorienting flurries of attack and a near impenetrable melee defense.

Aroyo rations: Her rations of a Chaggerta traditional road food made of crushed cocoa beans and cherries , which gives the user great energy.

Scrolls of the Sooth: Ancient scrolls which hold traditional knowledge of Chaggertian healing and meditation techniques, which can allow one to walk on water and eat burning coal...or so they say.

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