Mimic the Kitsune

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Mimic the Kitsune

Post by Miss Pepsi on Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:21 pm

Name: Mimic
Nickname: Mim
Age: Unknown age (lost count)
Gender: Presumed female
Supernatural type: Kitsune
<> Feeling the sun/wind against her fur
<> Using her own magic (mostly shape-shifting)
<> Likes playing pranks on unsuspecting victims
<> Eating any kind of Japanese food
<> Cleanliness
<> Good hygiene
<> Getting flirted with
<> Wearing kimonos
<> Getting dirty
<> Chocolate
<> Getting wounded
<> Getting punished for pranking someone
<> Dogs/cats
<> People touching her tail
<> Likes eating fish but hates caviar
<> Doesn't like fleas yet is usually in her animal forms anyways so it's not avoidable
<> Will stare at people's faces longer than she should
<> Likes creeping people out/making people disgusted
<> Has a fondness of air freshener


Human form:

True form:

Usual form:

Stealth form:

Will o' Wisp: Can summon blue fire orbs to float around her and if an opponent touches them, it sets them on fire. This spell doesn't take too much energy but can only be used to summon 10 orbs AT A TIME and can only be used 5 times a day. They can move separately from each other and hover in the air, so in a way - the orbs are alive. Looks like the picture below.

Shape-shift: Can shift her shape into whatever form she likes (even change gender). This ability is natural of her kind and uses up zero energy to do. THERE IS A CATCH - all her forms have either white feathers (if bird-like), white hair, or white fur. That is the only way to identify her as what she is.
Flame breath: Self-explanatory. Can breathe fire at will but takes a lot of stamina to do. Can only be used 3 times a day and if used too FREQUENTLY will cause Mimic to faint.
Super-agility: Can leap high, squeeze between small entrances as long as she can get her head through, and can run far distances without getting tired. This ability is unlimited but if used too much will cause nausea, tiredness, or even vomiting.
Telepathy: Can talk in any form she takes (even in animal form). This power in unlimited and can be used as often as she want to.
<> Can fool some people into thinking she's just an ordinary girl
<> Can easily escape from harm by shape-shifting
<> Has very good endurance and agility
<> Can fight with anything with a blade and a trigger
<> Great prankster

Mimic was originally born in Japan to a Kitsune couple but they didn't want anyone to know what they were as well as what Mimic was so they decided to move to Colehill when Mimic was 6 and a half and she moved there with her young friend and her family (Yuki). All of a sudden, Mimic's powers started getting stronger and stronger and she was accidentally setting houses on fire whenever she became her true form so her friend Yuki was there to help even out her powers. The two of them became best friends and have been friend ever since. She is still getting used to human life.
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Re: Mimic the Kitsune

Post by The Lord Regent on Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:22 pm

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